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Oct. 7, 2008

Medical Malady & Julia's birthday

So, here I am writing again. After a long bloody time.

Maybe it was the ‘allergic reaction’ I apparently got that caused hives over 80% of my body.

Hey, click here for a pic of the fun. It’s hot.

I guess when one tries to save money by actually applying a store-bought $8.00 hair color, it could backfire. It did. I think.

But, I’m not entirely sure that is what caused this predicament. I just couldn’t think of anything else I did/consumed that would have resulted in such mayhem.

So, after being under an antihistamine daze for 5 (yes, FIVE) days, and a kick-ass dose of steroids I finally said enough and called my doctor again. "Hi Doc. I can’t sleep for 5 days (though I’d love to) but I kinda have two kids that I need to care for. Any other ideas/lotions/potions/magic?"

Apparently there was/is and after obtaining the million dollar ‘cream’, I instantly stopped scratching myself to blood.


So, here I am last week, with two short days from my daughter’s 2nd birthday, with a million things to do when I realized I hadn’t assembled her Homestyle Kitchen.

Though through no encouragement/discouragement, it has become very aware that Julia is a girly girl and nature, indeed plays at least a very large part.

She is not interested in Alec’s dinosaurs, Transformers, or any other so-called masculine garb/toy. No, she likes dolls, babies, kitchens and being tidy. Though she can physically kick Alec’s ass, I think that is just a survival mechanism along with Alec’s too sweet nature to fight her back, too much.

So, I perused Craigslist and the consignment stores for play kitchens as I figured second-hand plastic would be just fine and I’d save a few bucks.

Apparently everyone, besides me, knew the secret as when I did find one pop up on said list, it was already taken even after what must have been a record-setting two-second ad response time. (I have bad memories of trying to get that Coach diaper bag off E-bay by actually bidding. Ha. Funny. Didn’t get it at the last ‘second’.)

So, I’m at Walmart (yes, Walmart – I swear ours is a designer grocery/dept store just posing as a Walmart -it’s that nice) the other day and I see the Homestyle Kitchen for $44.95.

Perfect. It comes with an 18 piece set of utensils etc. Big box. Take it home, pull it out, add the pieces and done. Happy 2nd birthday Julia.

‘Fortunately’, I took the fu*ker out the box two days before Julia’s birthday and to my horror, I found a 100 + piece attached plastic get up, two pages of double-sided directions, a bag with 56 screws and the need for a 10×10 area to ‘assemble’ it.

I spent less time assembling my queen sized water bed, along with full headboard when I was 19.

However, when Saturday came and the birthday girl saw her kitchen, it was almost well worth it. She loves it.

Oh, and I have my skin back intact and will be staying away from boxed haircolor.

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I'm still having nightmares about that E-bay diaper bag dibacle! As for Julia's 'girly girl' persona, that was me dolls, kitchen, playing house,helping mommy, the works. Here I am single city apartment dweller, happily childless looking for a man who will cook for me!


A cook? I think you might have to pay the bucks for that! Good luck with that Wander Woman!


Ever heard of a 'skin test'? My £9 box of colour worked a treat recently, so don't write them all off especially if the money saved goes into the "England Holidays" box.


JO -

Yes, but I've used these blasted boxes for years with no problem!

Don't worry, we'll keep adding to the 'box'!


KO - I'm going to have nightmares for weeks becouse of that rash picture. ewwwww

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