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Aug. 29, 2008

David Duchovney

Riiight. David Duchoveny has an addiction and has safely run to rehab in order to heal himself.

So, breaking it down, David:

a. Cheated and got caught

b. Cheated and knows he's going to get caught

c. Loves porn a tiny bit too much and got caught


d. Loves porn a tiny bit too much and knows he's going to get caught.

Shall we cast our votes and see? Could be fun.

(I swore I was going to invest in this 'rehab' thing and haven't done it yet. Must get on this asap.)

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Looks like D.


Don't you think it's funny that he plays a sex addict on Californication and is now (apparently) a sex addict in real life? That's method acting gone wrong, IMHO!

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