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Jul. 13, 2008

July 11th

I did something weird July 11th.

I’m so not a ‘line’ person as in with the exception of waiting my turn to ride a Sea-Doo or a killer ride at Disneyland, nothing to me, is worth standing in an idle line of people.

Well, maybe also to meet Sean Yazbeck (you know the brit who won The Apprentice a couple years ago? Whatever happened to him anyway?)

But concert tickets, the newest toy or after Thanksgiving Day sales – no way.

So under the guise of ‘having to do chores’, I was able to get my mom to agree to come babysit while I covertly hit the AT&T store in hope of getting my own iphone.

I have a crappy Sprint phone that only makes calls and not impressively at that. Plus, I detest Sprint after 10 years of being a loyal customer.

I’ve recently determined that it’s crucial that I have internet access, music, texting (which, for the record I’ve never done) and a crap load of other techie features in one device.

So, I snuck down to an AT&T store last Friday around 10:00am. and saw a line outside of about 5 people.


I parked and proudly walked up thinking these idiots who stand in lines for hours or who get there at midnight are complete morons.

I left 15 minutes later with no phone. They sold out before I was even awake.

So, I pretty much will have to wait until the one I ordered arrived. That’s what I get for thinking I could beat the system.

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