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Jul. 22, 2008


So, my 4.9 year old son begged me to take him to Extreme Fun last week and invite his best friend Victor.

As its 147 degrees during the day here in Austin right now, I thought it was a perfect idea.

I could sit and chat with Victor’s mom while they went nuts.

Well, anybody who knows my son Alec is more than aware that he is, how do you say it gently, a bit energy challenged (with the exception of swimming where oddly enough he magically develops enough internal horsepower to swim Nemo and his buddies under the ‘water table’.

As in, hours a day. Outside. In the blazing sun.

Living the majority of my life in sun deficient locales, I’m now finding it difficult to keep my skin from being too tan. Who wants to be 42.6 years old and raisin tan? I’m afraid I’m beginning to look like Magda from “There’s something about Mary” or possibly even Donatella. Yeesh)

therefore, I’ve booked Extreme Fun for Alec’s birthday as again, it’s one of those few physical activities I can get him jazzed up for.

So, he and Victor ran, jumped, climbed, rolled and slid for well over two hours with approximately 10 total minutes of breaks. Four or five for water and a pee and a couple more for when Alec got socked in the stomach by some random bully.

Victor’s mom held me down before I got into a brawl with that little sh*t brat and got taken away by the police.

So, the next evening Alec was kind of limping and favoring his right leg. He said he hurt it when he went down a slide though he could bend, flex, push it on my hand and walk just fine so I figured he was o.k. Maybe just a light bruise.

The next morning I heard Alec scream “Mom, help! I can’t move”!

So, after hurling myself up the 17 stairs to his room, I found him lying on his back with his legs straight out, together and stiff looking.

He was obviously paralyzed from the waist down which would mean I would have to remodel my home for wheel chair access and cancel the new bike I bought him for his upcoming birthday.

He literally couldn’t get out of bed. Or get to the toilet. Or walk.

I then realized (and sadly right in his face, busted up laughing) that he was not injured but sore from his ‘workout’ at Extreme Fun. His muscles had tightened up…..a lot.

It reminded me of when I’d done too many lunches or squats at the gym and it hurt just to put underwear on.

I exlained this to Alec and lied about tried harder to explain why I was laughing with him, not at him.

He limped around the whole day.

I couldn’t stop laughing the whole day.

Especially when he’d try and get up from a seated position or in and out of the car. Julia caught on to this and would literally snag Alec’s stuff right out of his hands and bolt knowing he couldn’t go after her. Julia laughed.

I laughed harder.

It was some funny sh*t to witness.

Mean mommy I am.

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Sorry Alec... that is some funny stuff. I am laughing with tears at this momment, but only because it's such a GREAT mom/kid story!!!

KO... you're so funny!!! Sorry I missed your call we've been on a crazy month of traveling. We'll catch up later I'm sure!!

Enjoy the sun :-) It's raining in Seattle today!



I miss you!!! and your stories first hand face to face. I miss Alec also... Hope all is going well for you there. Love your updates, though I have not heard much at all about how Christian is doing. Sure hope he is still liking his job and all. Take care and if and when you ever stop in the pacific northwest, please stop bye. Take Care


That, my friend, is hysterical!


O.k., it's funny but did you have to laugh in his face? You already said it so I can say it again...mean mommy!!! I think what's even funnier is seeing how similar in skin tone you have become with Donatella. Now that's some funny sh*t!


W - Ouch. At least I'm not the same age as Donatella!Zing!


That is hilarious. We're in Austin, too -- haven't been to Extreme Fun yet but that Ready Set Play place off of 35 is a hoot. Of course, my 15 month old has the opposite problem with energy, he's got more than enough for himself AND Alec!!


After my Mt Si excursion last weekend, I can relate to Alec's severe workout pains. Maybe I need to come down and train with him! Sounds like we're at the same fitness level!


Heh... we live right up from Extreme Fun... we have gone a few times and we really like it - much better than Radijazz and some of the others. We are thinking of checking out Jungle Java over on the other side though... hmmm... anything that is INDOORS. It's too freaking hot.

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