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Jun. 8, 2008

BUNCO - Intervention?

After moving out of ‘the city’ whether it be Seattle, NYC or wherever else I’ve lived, getting married, having kids and residing in the so-called ‘burbs’, a single friend of mine gently advised me that if I ever joined a Bunco group, she would promptly execute a Bunco Intervention on me.

At the time, it seemed reasonable, mainly because I had no idea what Bunco was and if an intervention was necessary, it must be a bad game/group. I would certainly stay far from the evilness.

So, when I moved to Austin, I found that not only is Bunco rampant, it, along with Book groups are hot. Huh?

I was told it was a dice game and only 12 people get to play. I was intrigued as it seemed like an elite group and I wanted to know more.

What I found out was it’s basically a female adult drinking game for money. Give or take.

It’s like a secret society of the 12 regular members. To get a permanent position takes some serious seniority.

BUT, there’s a sub list. I worked my way to the sub list and have so far been called twice.

I even won two of the categories last week and came home with some dough.

Being a sub is the s*it. It’s a bit of a sham really. You waltz in, eat and drink for free and if you’re lucky, you leave with money. No strings attached.

I’m doing my time as a sub. Maybe some day I’ll get to be one of the twelve. I’m not sure if someone has to die or move but I’m going to wait it out.

Now, the book club seems a bit too much like homework. I’m not ready for that, plus I think my True Crime (I love Ann Rule) obsession might not go over well.

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You're killing me. Obviously, some dark and evil power has taken over since you left. Kinda like an alien mind-meld! I know that you can be influences by food and booze but when you throw in money, and let's not forget, a little vacation from the kids, you never had a chance. We never should have let you leave Seattle.


Wow! That is some serious BUNCO! LOL
I have played that a couple of times and had a blast, maybe I should start something on a regular basis?!! Good idea!


Oh man. I just KNEW you'd get hit with the BUNCO Bug once you got started. Now I'm going to have to come down there and straighten you out,aren't I? Oh, well...I suppose it's semi-harmless.

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