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May. 30, 2008

The Sick House

Hey, want to come over to our house? Probably not if you know what’s good for your health.

It’s actually become funny it’s so ridiculous.

Synopsis of the fun:

Julia is constipated as already discussed in “Beyond Picky”.

Mommy gets nasty cold. (which pretty much means household operates as normal, just mommy feels like sh&t.)

Julia gets a cold – get’s over it well.

Daddy gets a cold. (Mommy thinks Daddy has a ‘man cold’ and advises him to buck up and get with the program).

Daddy doesn’t get better (Mommy by now is getting pretty irritated and wants the whining to stop so ignores Daddy’s ‘man cold’.)

Alec gets a fever.

Daddy still doesn’t get better so he takes his ‘man cold’ to the doctor. Double infection, Sinus and Ear. (oops, my bad).

Julia gets a fever.

Mommy gets a stomach virus complete with four day (you know, what causes you to lose weight and dehydrate in olympic record breaking time).

Mommy calls Grandma to beg for help. Grandma? Stomach virus. Crap.

Daddy gets stomach virus.

Anyway, you get the picture.

It’s not pretty and it’s not over.

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Well, the majority of this I saw "up front and personal" and can attest to how ill you all were. (Sorry Christian, I was with Kristine on the "man cold" but I really hope you're getting better and I'm really sorry that I was hugging you, you germ bag.)

And K.O., I swear, you'll do anything to lose a pound girlfriend, including terminal squirts.

You can bet I will be checking in for a health report before my next visit.


Hi Kristine. I hope this response gets through as I have tried a number of times to respond in the past and the system hasn't let me. I hope that you are all beginning to recover - what a terrible run. Last time I got stomach virus I fit into my skinny jeans again, but I felt so crappy that I really didn't care. Hope it ends soon.....


Thanks for staying healthy during my visit. I was the one who, during a bit of "sleep walking", slipped and ended up with a split lip. Don't you love it when your guest wakes you up in the middle of the night bleeding? Miss you all...get well!!


Maybe you'll have to send everyone into quarantine to be sure no further spreading and sharing of the nasties takes place! How awful.


Oh no! Get better soon!!

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