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May. 14, 2008


It’s always good to have yourself in check.

You know if your friends haven’t called in a while or you’re avoiding the scale though your clothes may not fit like they used to.

Maybe you need to do a reality check on yourself. Some ‘inner reflection’.

Or something.

Well, I noticed lately that I’m not hearing “You’re how old? No way, you don’t look like you could be anywhere close to that age.”

Now I realize that everyone says that and whether or not it’s exactly true, it certainly makes you feel good.

But it dawned on me that I really haven’t heard those words lately when someone finds out my age (which is 42.5).

In fact, I don’t think I’ve heard anyone say that in about 2 years.

What happened in that last two years? Is it turning 40? I thought 40 was the new 30 or something like that. Did I age that much in just two years?


How old did I look at say 36 or 39? Everyone would cry that I couldn't be 'that old' when told.

I’ve always used sunscreen on my face (even in Seattle) and been ridiculously consistent with washing my face at night and using moisturizer. (yes, to those who know me a bit too well, I still put on moisturizer when I get up at night to pee….no matter how many times).

So, I was chatting again with my overeducated, young, funny friend at Alec’s swim lesson last week (you know the gal I was supposed to ignore as described in “Ambition”).

We seem to chat about rather obscure topics (we have to talk in 6-8 word increments as we’re both chasing toddlers in several directions all while trying to watch our boys swim.)

She showed me a photo of her glammed up for a formal event and it reminded me that now I look OLD.

She looked anything but old in this photo. (she’s 29 for Christ’s sake).

So I told her about looking old and not having anyone bark ‘You can’t be that old, you look so much younger’.

She replied “But you’re in really good shape”. BFD. She certainly didn't argue with me on how old I look.

I’ve always been in pretty/really good shape. What I haven’t been before is OLD LOOKING. Kinda blows.

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I may be a relative but I think you're beautiful - inside and out - and you look gorgeous! Don't fret!


Okay first of all I thought I was the only nut who puts moisturizer on when I get up to pee. And second, I am 10 years older than you and if you are 42.5 that means I'm over 50!!!! Ouch. Just wait, when you are 52.5 you will only look 42.5. Trust me....Anna


O.k., here's the real test. I will be seeing you next week after not seeing you for a little over a year, (except in pictures and you look great in those). As a true friend, I will definitely tell you if you're losing your mojo looks-wise. Though, somehow I doubt it since afterall, you were always the "man-magnet" in the group. Maybe people just don't say it as much anymore because women tend to take much better care of themselves now since we have more health information to work with than we did in the past. We're no longer surprised when someone looks better than their mother did at the same age. And if not, quit your whining, you are in phenomenal shape so who cares if you actually look "40ish", whatever that's supposed to look like these days.

Can't wait to see you, Christian and the kids.


I totally know what you mean! When I was in Europe I was constantly being told how "I couldn't possibly be in my 40's." Since I've been back, not a word. I'd like to think that it does have something to do with the fact that I look like other women my age here because we do take care of ourselves. In Southern Europe, women over 35 tend to let themselves go and start looking really old.

However, the 25 year old interns at my office told me they thought I was 35 at the most. How sweet. They're just naive. I can't count that. To them 35 IS old.

BTW, you DO look fabulous. Always have. Always will.

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