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May. 5, 2008

Product Review: HP Photosmart A826

I know I’ve ripped on various products in the past which is why I don’t get asked too often to review products. Hewlett Packard; however, did ask.

HP requested I test a photo printer (and didn’t ask for a positive review, rather an honest one. I said, I’m in.

I take a few pics of my kids pretty much every hour of most days as I wear the stupid camera around my neck like a tourist snapping everything in sight rather often and was used to uploading them to various on-line digital printing companies. I would order the ones I liked and then...wait.

It kinda ruins the ‘Hey, I’ll get some pics over to Grandma Jo in England before her birthday’ and other ‘spontaneous moments’.

I’ve also been hacked in the past when I receive my pics in the mail and the color is off, my husband’s head is partially removed or they’re just not right.

With the HP Photosmart A826, you can edit your pictures right on the printer's 7-inch touchscreen (just by inserting your camera's photo memory card).

You can add text, remove red-eye, add frames, captions or a slew of other creative options (my personal favorite is the slimming feature) and send them out that day.

I have to say, I’m more than impressed. The QUALITY of the photos is excellent.

Perfect in fact.

It's nothing like buying photo paper and trying to print pics on your regular printer. And I'm guessing there still are folks who want to have nice quality pics to place in frames.

It also eliminates the need for those who still actually take their ‘film’ to say Wal-Mart , Costco or Walgreen's to be developed and/or printed. You know who you are.

You can purchase many different sizes of paper which eliminates the need of trying to nicely cut your printed pics. It also has a slideshow feature.

The only thing I found the printer couldn’t do, was to save my edits from the photo printer onto my memory card in order to e-mail them out or use as a screensaver.

I’m going to have to guess it’s due to the ink cartridges and photo paper that wouldn’t be purchased if you were simply e-mailing them.

This printer does it all and right at your desk.

Though a bit of an investment, it’s worth it.

I can highly recommend this product without reservation. Pretty much a first for me.

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Hiya Kristine, what is f i l m ?

(Just a little tip for you, to improve your journalistic integrity--you know, with one of those "Correction" notices:-) It's Hewlett-Packard, the first garage band, I mean garage start up from the valley. Of course, now they're not really a start up. Not really.


PS: How big is this sucker? I have this massive photo printer that does a great job, but it takes up like a third of L's desk (however it does make big prints to match, but then feeding it paper is kinda an unwieldly experience...) And how much $$?


Thanks Paul - my bad!

You can get them from $125 (refurbished) or $175.00 (new) I believe. It's 8 lbs and about a foot high by 6-8 inchs deep. It's pretty nice looking as you can see the Featured Product pic.

My friend Tammy in Washington actually still uses film. I swear.


thats for sure, dude


I have a hp printer. The drivers crash 50% of the time i have my pc one - and i'm not even printing! Would never buy a HP again.

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