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Apr. 27, 2008

Mother Nature

M.N. can be one mean bit*h.

Just as I was droning on about how much we dig Austin with the exception of some bugs and bumper grazing drivers, I had no idea what could really turn into some scary sh*t.

My brother and sister in law were visiting this past weekend and as we were showing them around, we started discussing that if there was a wild fire in Steiner Ranch, that there are basically two entrances to the entire joint and they are both leading out to one road.

There’s no other way out unless you have a boat. We don't.

We also talked about lightening striking and how some houses in the Beverly Ridge section of Steiner Ranch are situated so high that they better install lightening rods stat or they’re toast – literally.

Well, we had one of our thunder and lightening storms to beat all thunder and lightening storms very early this morning. I’m still not used to extreme thunder as though I know it’s harmless, it’s really a bit….loud. And scary.

I was lying in bed around 6:30am this morning, wide eyed, somewhat gripped in fear and staring at the ceiling wanting this whole laser light show to end.

I didn’t dig the large hail pelting my bedroom window. It sounded like we were the target of a drive by.

However, I ignorantly confidently ignored the multiple sirens that are never heard in our neighborhood, shoot through our short, dead-end street (it must be a fender bender with someone who drove too fast in the hail).

I also ignored the smoke smell. Must be my imagination.

I lay there in complete denial. And paralysis.

A new fear to add to my list was occurring right outside my door. My neighbor’s house was flaming. It was hit by lightening and ignited.

Black smoke was covering the street and multiple fire trucks, EMS vehicles, police and even a Red Cross car was in my and several of my neighbor’s yards.

After being able to see the house (of what’s remaining as it’s a total loss I’ve learned) and realizing the top ½ was gone, I could only think that that is where all the kid’s rooms in Steiner Ranch homes are. The kid's rooms are on the top level, while most master bedrooms are on the main floor.

Their top level is gone. Missing. Non-existent.

The family was able to escape safely but it's still hard to believe this was about 400 feet from our home. What are the odds?

So, my infatuation with Austin is a bit shaky for now. I also have to get to work at my emergency procedures plan I must create now. My family will love it. Drills, whistles and all.

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Hey, Kristine! Scary, scary, scary! All those houses should have lightening rods. Clint was born/raised in Illinois and all the houses had lightening rods - very important! I'm so glad your neighbor family was OK. And more glad that it didn't hit your house! I'b beginning to wonder if there is a totally safe place to live. Now Reno is having lots and lots of earthquakes - from tiny ones to 4.7 or so. Karen is wondering if she should put all her good dishes in a safe place - I told her YES! Reno used to have occasional earthquakes when I was a kid but I never really think of it as "earthquake country." So far, WA seems OK - at least up here. Take care, buy that lightening rod, and be safe!!!
Love, Sonja


Hi guys. Glad to hear that you are all okay and your neighbors as well. If it's any comfort, a bolt of lightening a few years back took out a huge tree at Westgate Elementary School just around the corner here. I'm not sure anywhere is totally safe. Lightening rods do sound like a great idea!

Stay safe. Sounds like Austin is otherwise agreeing with y'all :)


Wow-- that is quite the experience (and story)..... Glad everyone is safe and I am sorry for their loss. Awful! I know you -- you must have freaked (as anyone would!).


Wow-- that is quite the experience (and story)..... Glad everyone is safe and I am sorry for their loss. Awful! I know you -- you must have freaked (as anyone would!).


We'll be glad we moved to Austin when the 'big one' hits Seattle and/or Mt Ranier erupts. The end is nigh...


Yes, these Texas storms take some getting used to. Really, you get used to them. It only took me about ten years before I stopped pacing whenever a storm would roll through. Sometimes, though, I still get the closet cleaned out and ready for hiding in when I know a bad one is getting ready to roll in!

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