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Apr. 9, 2008


Is it love or just infatuation?

We’re so ‘in love’ with Austin we can barely stand it.

Is it real or a government experiment (you know like the Dharma Initiative on Lost?)

Being the realist pessimist, I’m kinda waiting for the other shoe to drop. Is it too good to be true?

We love living in Austin more than anything. It’s like the best kept secret that’s only beginning to leak out. Everyone who lives here says they love it. How can that be?

We love the people, the weather, the scenery, the schools, the housing. Here's where we live.

(O.k. not so keen on the property taxes, the scary bugs, flash floods and the speed in which everyone drives but we’re getting used to all that).

It’s been just over a year since we moved here and we’re just plain giddy (or stupid).

We went through such turmoil and potential financial ruin with our house in Seattle not selling for so long, we began to doubt whether we made the right decision.

Now, we know it was all worth it and our intuition was right on.

My husband just landed his dream job that includes a dream commute.

Mommy just landed a long-awaited, desperately-needed, dream house cleaner whose name isn’t ‘Mommy’ or ‘Kristine’.

My son is swimming, enjoys soccer and loves his school. My daughter is crazy and loves to run around outdoors and attack cuddle everyone/thing including dogs much larger than her, children at the gym and pretty much every other living creature regardless of size and ability to knock her flat.

There are numerous parks and places for families to go for fun and we’ve made so many friendships, especially with our neighbors, its crazy.

We’ve been invited to numerous neighborhood bashes (and need to reciprocate stat. Remind me to get on that or there’s a real danger in the invites ceasing).

Being outdoors most of the year is f'ing awesome.

I was surprised at how many green trees, hills and lakes there are and how pretty the scenery is.

Even though it’s hot, when it’s ‘too’ hot, you swim, when it’s ‘just right’ you go hiking, biking, walking or something else - outdoors.

It’s so ‘not like the rest of Texas’, I’ve been told a million times and now I believe it. It's nice and yet very, very casual. If you're from Seattle, you especially know what I mean.

People seem to be so understated here. (with the exception of the McHouses but as ‘everyone' in Texas keeps reminding us “Everything’s Bigger In Texas” and pretty much 'everyone' has big abodes so it’s relative I guess).

Sadly people here use the same line when one gasps while opening their water and electric bills.

We recently met another family from Seattle that lives about 6 houses away from us and another Seattle family just moved in across from them.

Though we certainly miss our friends and the beauty of Seattle, this has been the best decision we ever made. Sober.

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When can we ALL visit....Anna


Awesome, Kristine! I went in and looked at the Steiner Ranch commercial. No wonder you love it there. It's very beautiful. Enjoy, enjoy...
I'll have to go in and look again when we get more gray, rainy days! Congrats, too, to Christian on his new job. Life is good!



You're welcome anytime! Our casa es su casa!

Sonja - It is incredibly beautiful and our open door extends to you too. Life IS good~


I really need to wander that least for a looksee.


I am still living the Austin dream (from California), no comparison!


I want to live where you live!!!!

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