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Mar. 30, 2008

Broken Nail

I had the ‘funniest’ discussion with my son Alec last week.

It was just him and me hanging out for the day but before we could get started with some fun activities, I advised him we just had to quickly run into my local nail joint to get a Solar nail repaired due to a sudden nasty index finger break.

He asked why I needed to get my get nail repaired.

I quickly and clearly said again that I had broken it and it needed to be repaired. As simple as that.

Not so.

My literal (I wonder where he gets that? I mean, just because I have trouble saying the words Santa and Easter Bunny because I can’t lie to my kid, won’t say ‘wee wee’ will say penis, refuse to sugar coat reality etc., why should he be stuck in my fantasy-less, reality-based world?) and ultra inquisitive 4.5 year old understood my nail breaking but wanted a thorough explanation as to why I actually needed to have it repaired.

He went on to explain that if he broke a fingernail there would be no repair process. So, why exactly did mommy need such extensive attention placed on said nail?

(SH*T), this is going to be more difficult than I thought.

As previously mentioned in a past post, Alec used to attend ALL of my nail appointments when he was 2 as he loved to ‘see Connie’ (in Seattle) every other Tuesday at 9:30am.

Maybe it was just that he was so engrossed in his DVD’s and snacks to notice just exactly what was happening as I sat with my hands in Connie’s.

Maybe he thought she was reading my palms. But why? How can one read palms, I thought people read words?

So, I did my best to explain that mommy pretty much chews her nails to blood if I don’t get them ‘done’.

That Solar nails are so strong mommy can’t bite or chew them to shreds. Usually.

Still not good enough.

Alec: “Why would you chew your nails to shreds?”.

Me: Trying to maintain some composure but unsure how to explain this any longer, I somewhat annoyingly ask “Why do you suck your two inner fingers Alec?”

Alec: “I don’t know”.

Me: Sweet. A way out. “Well Alec, I don’t know why I chew my nails to shreds”. (completely true statement).

Alec: “Oh, o.k. Now, can I have a snack?”

Me: Awesome. “Yes babe”.

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Heh heh, wait til he starts asking some really tough questions about the things women do!


I think of Alec all the time. Tell him hello for me. I miss you guys alot. Hope all is well and you are still liking your relocation. My thoughts are with you also, at the loss of your father. Been there, done that...not a happy time. MIss ya.



I will! He totally remembers you which is so cute. We do love it here in Austin and feel we made a great decision for our family.


This is when you break out the box wine. :o)


Great idea.. she types, taking a break from gnawing on her thumb nail..


I can totally relate with this topic, my 3 year old is questioning EVERYTHING!! Why do you have to go to work? What is "accident" and the list goes on and on. I do enjoy the curiosity though. It makes me think ;)
Thanks for sharing!!


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