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Mar. 1, 2008

BOOK REVIEW: Skinny Bitch

A friend of mine recommended this book to me saying how fun and enlighting it was to read.

Being that I have just about enough time to read US Weekly, In Touch and People magazine, I was unsure.

However, I must admit, I loved this book.

It's basically a book by two gals (one who holds a Master's in Holistic Nutrition - which admittedly I didn't know existed) who tell you what a fat, unhealthy slob you are if you are not a skinny vegan.

As I'm not skinny or a vegan, I thought I better read further.

I found it to be a very quick, fun read especially if you’re not adverse to the idea of being called a moron (actually I think the exact wording of the insult was ‘fu*king moron’ - just a technicality).

I’m not as I apparently love to be ridiculed.

I loved the abuse so much; I decided to try the vegetarian lifestyle. I wasn’t looking for weight loss exactly but possibly enhanced energy to deal with my young offspring.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t searching for an 8 pound in less than a month weight GAIN either.

So, even before receiving my free, much anticipated vegetarian starter kit, I’m back to meat and I’ve dropped 2 of the eight so far.

Anyway, if you get a chance and have the interest, Skinny Bitch is one I wouldn’t pass up.

If you’re easily offended, it might not be the book for you. If not, just be prepared for some nice, good old fashioned ‘verbal’ abuse.

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So, what was up with the 8 lb gain? You know that my inquiring mind when it comes to fitness, etc. wants to know! I have a feeling it might have something to do with the carbs...

I just know for myself that higher protein and lower carbs seems to work better for me - not to contradict the authors, but I don't believe there is a "one size fits all" eating program out there!

Also, these gals are not just skinny, they are downright waiflike! I prefer a little muscle on my bones.

Anyway, I found it funny that on their website they can't (or won't) respond to questions about diet and nutrition or specific products. Hello! Why should we buy your book if you are not able to support your views in an intelligent dialogue?

Just seemed strange to me... It made me think that their book is more for entertainment than anything else.


Oh, man- I ordered this back in December from Abe Books and weeks went by without it arriving. Finally, after the Christmas craze was over, I realized that I hadn't received it yet and emailed them. They played dumb and acted like they mailed it, but I know they just forgot it. I think they just forgot to send it out and I still haven't read it yet. This will be my mission for this weekend!


Christine & Catherine,

It's definitely a fun read. And, if it makes you think about what you eat like it did me, it's worth it. Enjoy~


Personally, I like the term "ignorant moron" or "igmo".

What I came away from the book with was this: If you eat caffiene, sugar, meat, fat, anything but veggies, your an igmo.

I'm one big Igmo!!! LOL



So you like the ridicule too eh? IGMO is kinda catchy.


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