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Feb. 3, 2008

Where's My Mom?

Weird things are happening ‘round these parts and it’s becoming a bit unsettling.

My mom moved to the Austin area when we did and bought herself a nice, modest home in a large community around folks very similar to her.

Though she lives alone, she is happy and has many friends who she enjoys various activities with.

But, she’s starting to change and at the age of 69.45, I want some answers or at least an explanation as it’s kinda freaking me out.

As many of you may recall, my mom wouldn’t sacrifice a mere cabbage because it cost 79 cents.

She is also the proud owner of MANY articles of clothing that cost less than $2.00 each.

(She is one of those people who can get ‘the last one’ at a ridiculously low price as it’s either a size 16 or 2 and most people wear sizes somewhere in between.)

She’s the skinny bitch 2.

My mother is also one who gets giddy when saving a dime on a utility bill, insists on buying store brand soda as it’s six or seven cents per six-pack cheaper, and can tell you at any given moment, how much money she has in her bank accounts to the 2nd decimal.

I swear I didn’t ask, I think she just thinks out loud.

So, when she advised me she was taking a Caribbean cruise this spring with ‘a girlfriend’ (what is this Sex and the City, retiree style?) I immediately asked how she won the trip, was it a legit organization, did she have to attend some clandestine meeting or what exactly was the catch?

Acting with surprise at my suspicious inquires, she boldly told me that it sounded fun and she didn’t care what it cost, it would be worth it.

Wait a minute. That’s what I always say. She’s imitating my past attempts to convince others of the completely impulsive, purely emotional sheer necessity of the purchase. But with one slight difference and that being she CAN afford it.

Then she asked me to take her clothes shopping. A first I assure you.

I was suspicious so I asked her what her budget was. She ‘didn’t really have one’. Nice. I’m on it I thought and promptly cancelled my children's activities previously unimportant engagements.

So, among other things my mom bought a pair of Seven and Paige jeans (both size bloody 26 – sigh at the unfairness), a Marc Jacobs bag, a pair of Tory Burch slacks, Stuart Weitzman pumps (I had to force that shoe on her as the pointy toe scared her but upon securing said shoe on her damn foot, she exclaimed how ‘surprisingly comfortable’ they were).

I then showed her the price and she said ‘o.k. well, I really like them so I’ll take them’.


I could have gone on all day but we had to leave to pick up my son from School. Short of my kid’s births and my wedding day (though close to a push), this was the best day ever.

I used to be a personal shopper (those who only know me since being a mom, stop laughing) and miss those days as I LOVED it. I always told people the truth and didn’t try to sell them the most expensive item (though typically you do get what you pay for to some degree and I’m not keen on cheaply made duds).

I remember the days when I actually had a reason to buy nice stuff for myself. Now, I buy workout clothing and sweat suits (Juicy’s but still, VERY casual).

UPDATE: As I write this, my mother (though I’m beginning to lose recognition of her) called to advise me she bought a Wii. WTF? My mom can barely send an e-mail and she bought a Wii?

What next? What’s happening and where did my old mom go?

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This is great, Kristine! I was talking to my kids the other night, upon noticing my D-I-L's new diamond earrings which are stunning (a Christmas gift from her mother) and we reminisced about my 40th birthday studs from my husband that are so small one can hardly see them. In fact, Ken (who was 10 at the time) said, upon seeing them, "Those are sure little suckers!" They all (Jill, Ken & Elizabeth) said I should go out and buy the studs I want and I'm just about to do that. Something about getting older and "how many years do we have left" and doing/getting what we want now. Although I am also of the mind that "stuff is just stuff" and how important can it be. However, I sure would like some bigger diamond studs before I die - and I think I deserve them so what the heck! I think this is what Liz must be feeling. I agree with her!!!!
Tell Liz hi for me.
Love ya, Sonja


Liz is my hero. I have admired her trim, fit body for years and you and I always talked about dressing her up in cute, fun clothes, like our own personal "Barbie Doll". I'm so happy to hear that she is enjoying her new life in Austin and about the Wii.....I can't wait to come play it with her.

Rock on Liz, Harold would be proud.


Sounds like she (and you) is having a blast! Funny, though, I can relate to your mom's penny pinching just a bit. However, as you pointed out, she actually has the dough.


Darn! I went to get that blue Marc Jacobs bag and they are gone!! :o)

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