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Jan. 7, 2008

Toilet Seat Fears

O.k. So ladies, I realize we’ve all had an uphill battle at some time or another when it comes to toilets seats. They tend to be left up causing us to ‘almost’ fall in during our middle of the night pee.

I personally don’t have this problem. When/if my husband sees a toilet seat left up, he asks "What? Do we live in a frat house?" So, I don’t have to worry about soaking my a*s unintentionally in toilet water.

I’ve always feared something a little more obscure. Like a bug or snake biting me when sitting. ESPECIALLY at night when you don’t want/have time to inspect the seat for live creatures hanging on your bowl.

So, 42 years in and IT happened. After a pee and while reaching to flush the toilet, I noticed a F*&$@ing spider was hanging on the seat. It evidently was clamoring to bite my butt while I erroneously felt pee-safe.

I (of course) have a pic to prove it.

It’s not that it’s some gargantuan thing, but wtf is it doing dangling on my toilet seat?

And where did it come from?

Where is its friends/family?

Did it bite me? It obviously touched me. Why?

Don’t pee at night without thorough toilet seat inspection.

That’s my new saying.

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Great! I will never pee with the same sense of peace again. Amen.... LOL


We used to think that a rat could climb up the pipe & be sitting waiting for you to sit in the middle of the night. I eventually grew out of that worry. Now I have to worry about spiders! Thanks!!


Well, funny thing about husbands and spiders... My loving husband reassured me that the wolf spiders that we somehow get in our basement don't climb. I am terrifed of spiders, especially the big hairy ones about 1 inch plus.
About 2 or so weeks ago he came home from work and sat on the couch to take off his boots and I came in to greet him with much gusto. (Baby boy was actually taking a nap! heehee) For some reason I looked at the top of the couch where my hand was and sitting there pretty as it pleases was a mega huge (in my thinking) wolf spider. I screamed "you lied to me", hit husband in the arm, and screamed again.


I have ALWAYS had this fear! I am so glad to see that I am not the only one. I also have to watch that I don't fall in, as my DH always leaves the seat up. One night he purposefully let the seat and the lid down, and I peed all over the lid. Nice.

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