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Jan. 20, 2008


I used to have ambition. After doing well in highschool and college, I went to work for a company where I worked very, very hard and was rewarded nicely. Raises, promotions, you name it.

Deciding it was time to further my education, I took the GRE, the GMAT, the LSAT, the MCAT, and the KITTYCAT. (o.k. kidding about the MCAT, I didn’t take that, never wanted to be a medical doc).

I also took night classes in Spanish and completed the real estate courses for licensure in Washington.

I wanted to do something, though by taking all of these exams it was clear I wasn’t exactly sure what it was I DID want to do.

So, what did I do with my graduate school entrance exams upon completion?

Nothing. Zip. Nada (oh look, I got to use the extent of retained Spanish class vocabulary - go me).

I continued to work until my mid thirties, then got married, had a kid, quit my job, had another kid. Blah Blah.

So, I’m at Alec’s swim class last week chatting away with this really nice young gal who I talk to each week, who’s also got two kids, approximately the same ages as mine.

But this time, I notice she’s studying something and I ask about it.

She modestly tells me she’s wrapping up her PhD. What? (Please tell me she said GED) She can’t be getting a PhD, she has two little kids. She can’t have that kind of time. It’s not possible. This must be a joke.

Not a joke.

She’s not only friendly, trim, cute, and happily married with two little cuties, but is getting her f&*king PhD. Obviously, I will now have to hate her and ignore her upon sight, otherwise she could expose my ignorance with questions.

Maybe I should give up my healthy obsession with reality shows and get busy doing something to stimulate my mind more than watching Survivor, The Bachelor and The Biggest Loser (and maybe a few more).

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I don't even have the house, hubby, and two kids and I work with a bunch of "academiacs" who are working on their masters and phd's. For someone who has been "thinking" about returning to school for some time now, I'm feeling ultra inferior! I feel your agony! But give yourself a do have a full plate.


Hey, but you have a cool blog at least!

There are many ways to define success - I wouldn't get too hung up on qualifications being the key factor in doing so.

Rather than abandon reality shows, maybe you should do something related to them - it's obviously a subject you enjoy. Any ideas...?


Yes, maybe a reality show about Texas scorpions and how they get along in the real world. Filming could be close to your house so that you have the kids nearby at all times. I say shoot for fame and not credentials.


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