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Dec. 30, 2007

Stocking Gifts

Ah…Christmas was quite lovely this year. My mom joined us, Alec 'taught' Julia how to open her gifts, we enjoyed a nice meal, drank some good champagne and of course, cracked open our Christmas Crackers, etc.

HOWEVER, I was a bit perplexed.

My husband, who has been a bit slow with warming up to the whole Christmas ‘stocking’ thing (sort of like Mother’s Day which took him approximately two years of being criticized due to his ‘lack of appreciation’) appeared to be a stocking champ this year.

On the fireplace mantel, I noticed my red velvet stocking was surprising full this year.

Wow, I thought. My husband really gets it now. Fun.

Sort of.

I was full of anticipation as I began opening my stocking pressies. Though I didn’t get my TAG Aquaracer under the tree, maybe, just maybe he'd surprise me by placing it in my stocking.

No. I finished up opening my fun, little things to realize I had three bungee cords, flat and Phillips screw drivers and a box of breathe mints (ouch).


No TAG Aquaracer. No sexy candle. No perfume. Bungee cords. Screw drivers and embarrassingly, breathe mints.

I don't want to sound unappreciative but we HAVE pretty much every size of bungee cord known to man, in our garage already. Now, we have three more.

I did; however, put two packages of Plackers in his stocking but he specifically requested them!

Maybe next year.

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What's the issue here??? Sounds like a GREAT stocking to me! Way to go, Christian!!! :)


Wow -- you make it sound like these were the only things in your stocking?! What about all the other stuff that I so carefully picked out?

Hmmm, next year someone might be getting a lump of coal…

Anyway, the Daring Book For Girls says that a bungee cord is one of the essential things that all girls should carry around. Vindication!


No, of course they weren't the ONLY things but maybe the most interesting or thought-provoking....

Yes, the book does say a girl needs A bungee cord, I don't think it says 15 or more.


You guys are too funny. Happy New Year!!!!


My husband has had this same problem for years and years. He did find me some cute stationery and address labels. We are big on buying online we found great deals and discounts at Hope more husbands learn to stuff the stocking.

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