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Dec. 4, 2007

I Get It - Finally

Why did it take me 7+ years to get it?

Ever since I met my husband we’ve had disagreements about money and buying stuff.

I’m the optimist in this case (which is weird as I’m really a pessimist realist) as I always feel everything financially related will eventually turn out o.k.

We have each other and our children and if push comes to shove, we’ll FIND a way, we always do.

But, I’ve been a bit slow the last several years and just finally got clever enough to figure out how to work out some of our financial ‘differences’.

In the past, I’d spend countless hours shopping on-line and in person for houses, dishwashers, cars, strollers, you name it. I’d go nuts researching numerous product reviews to ensure I was narrowing the said item down to those that proved worthy.

After finding the perfect items at the best prices, I’d proudly report my findings with the Top 2 options for which he’d reciprocate with a not-so-proud ‘have you done your research? I’ve only seen two so I’m not so sure….blah..blah..blah’ crap.


I’d always reply “I highly doubt you really want to go shop/research proposed item for hours do you” and he’d predictably reply ‘well, yes, I think I would’.

Ah…my mistake was to ensure him I had done the research and these were the Top 2, strong arm him in which he would reluctantly relent and I’d make the call.

Neither of us came out satisfied.

NO MORE. I’ve been recently searching extensively (on-line, in-store, reviews, etc) for family room furniture.

This time, I dragged husband with both kids to numerous furniture shops one Sunday.

An entire day of chasing two small kids around furniture, catching breakables mid-fall, demanding 4 yr old stop jumping on couches with shoes on, pretending to ignore the Cheerio crumbs etc. was a bit much.

Husband finally (he hung in there better than I thought he would though I think he knew the gig and was just trying to stay strong) threw up the white flag and begged to go home, never to repeat the process.

He also promised he’d leave the shopping to me and trust my TOP 2.

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Good job, Lucky Mom! Reading this blog makes me want to let you shop for MY stuff too!


Too funny KO.


WOW. I remember the Lucky Mom of days gone by who figured things out in nano-seconds. Of course that was before hubby, kids and in-laws, with all the wants, needs and desires took up space in your head. The important thing is you finally figured it out. Happy shopping.



Yes, the monsters have taken over the majority of my brain/decision making ability...


BRAVO!! That deserves a standing ovation!! I might have to try this myself. Getting the 3 written proposals on everything is getting a tad old.


Your husband has a twin in Kentucky! My husband is the EXACT same way. It took us 6 months and 4+ trips to the appliance store to buy a front load washer and dryer. I was so annoyed that it was taking so long for him to make up his mind and trust my info gathering skills that the poor sales woman had to ask me twice what color I wanted.
We will need a new dishwasher soon (husband believes it has years left I think 15 years of service is time for retirement) and I am dreading it!

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