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Dec. 22, 2007

'Christmas Crackers'

Christmas Crackers? Who knew? My British mother-in-law sent our family several gifts this year to include a large box of crackers. Three rows of what appeared to be identically wrapped crackers.

My first thought was 'Wow, that’s sure a lot of the same thing. Do we need that many crackers? Are they that good?’.

Well, Friday afternoon while trying to decide what to have for a snack, I decided a little hummus on a few of these crackers might be tasty.

So, I took off the plastic and found that the top and bottom row were empty. I couldn’t believe what a rip-off this seemed to be. So, apparently, there is only one row of crackers I immediately thought.

I opened one and there were no crackers, rather some odd shaped plastic pieces. Are you really supposed to eat hummus on these? Are they some type of edible plastic? If so, WHY?

I asked my husband about it and he looked at me like I was either kidding or a complete moron (or possibly both).

After he delicately explained to me what Christmas Crackers actually are, I silently wondered why I didn’t know this before.

We’ve shared several holiday seasons together. We have two kids. What else don’t I know about my husband?

Anyway, these little toys aren’t really a snack item but rather a holiday English tradition.

I never expected to have to Google something as simple as what I thought of as a basic American picnic/party snack staple but I did and there it was:

Christmas Crackers

I then called over to my British friend and neighbor and asked her if her American husband knew what they were and she said yes. (She must share more with her spouse than my husband does with me – hmph.)

So, my fellow American’s, tell the truth. Would you have known if you received a wrapped box of crackers that it was actually more of a 4th of July popping type of device?

Be honest.

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Oh that is really funny! I would have thought the same thing, honestly! LOL


Oh, Kristine, I would have known if they were tied with a ribbon a couple of inches from each end that let one know there wasn't anything in the ends (the ends would have to be open). We have things like that here in the US but, for the life of me, I can't remember what they are called! Senior moment! They have them in the birthday party section of some stores. You pull a little string or something and they snap, crackle, and pop. Noisy things at a little kid's party. Well, it must be that old adage, "You learn something new every day." Isn't it fun!


Your husband must be trying to shield you from all that is British. We've had them every year since James moved to America - I've got a box in the closet now waiting for Christmas Day! They are also for sale at Costco & Cost Plus.



And you. I can't believe you didn't tell me. Oh well, we have one less to play with on Christmas.

I hope they're fun at least.


My relatives are from England too -- we've had Crackers at Christmas for years... I got the ones from Costco for our family Christmas party last weekend, and for the price - they were the best!! I usually have to look at Cost Plus World Market or something and the prizes are small plastic trinkets, but Costco's prizes were nice!!

Christmas Crackers are a great Tradition - Enjoy and wear your paper crown - its fun!!


O.k., I still don't get it, (obviously not from England), what exactly do they do?


I'm gonna have to say I really don't know how you could have missed this. 1. You're an avid shopper...they really are everywhere, 2. the whole British husband thing, 3. our northern neighbors use them as well. Makes a good blog story, though!


My mom was also from England. We have had Christmas Crackers about every 3rd year since I can remember. My husband this year found a store here in Boise thats called, It's a British Thing. Its a very cute little store that, of course, sells Christmas Crackers. So, in honor of my mom, he came home with a box a few weeks ago. They have been sitting on our tree waiting to "crack"......Enjoy them...they are fun. Make sure you wear the crowns and take pictures. I'm sure I'll be posting some pics on my blog.


Well, now that Christmas has come and gone, I can proudly (?) say, I've 'played' with the crackers.

They were pretty fun actually. Alec got quite the kick out of them.

I guess we'll make them a yearly tradition from this point on. Now, that I bloody KNOW about them....sigh..


I would have known only because on our way home from Italy we transferred through London. Apparently, that is one of the standard safety questions they ask you around Christmas while checking in. "Do you have any Christmas Crackers??" Ha ha My husband and I thought they were talking about cookies!! :o) Denise


Oops, didn't know I was posting "anonymous"!! Denise


That is so funny! You can purchase them at Pier 1,Costco and Macy's! We've been using them for years! We also use them on New Years Eve....there is still some remaing in my backyard!

Happy New Year to you both!


Anonymous (Donna) - I swear if I did in fact see them, I would have still thought they were just a massive box of wrapped crackers. To eat. Not play with.

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