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Nov. 2, 2007

Poop Privacy Hypocrisy

I realize most parents probably don’t go around telling people about their lack of bathroom privacy beefs or that it is 100% certain that 1+ child will always follow you into the bathroom regardless of the business you must attend to.

But, I’d like to discuss it as I’ve found more than moderate unjust occurring in my home.


Why is it a four year old boy can and will demand ‘PRIVACY PLEASEwhen said boy conducts #2 session but same boy will shove himself into the same room when mommy is conducting similar transaction?

Why in H*LL does a 4 yr old boy demand to see my business?


Should he even BE in the bathroom with mom at his age? Where is the justice in him receiving unconditional privacy but mommy gets none?

Aren’t powder rooms, rooms for 1 person? Apparently not.

After spending 15 minutes trying to get baby and 4 yr old situated with DVD, snack, hog tie or some other distraction so mommy can try and slide in for much needed, always delayed, sadly expedited relief, 4 yr old boy and baby have immediate knowledge of this and come screaming in.

Then, I get to spend my entire time allotted 13 seconds, trying to grab baby from climbing up 4 yr olds step stool, falling and cracking head on sink, all while trying to dissuade 4 yr old boy from demanding to "let me see" and "I get to flush”.

And what it is with babies who request demand, immediate elevation directly onto your lap the minute you sit?

Do non-parents realize this?

Do they understand the utter peace they get when relaxing comfortably on the toilet, magazine or book in hand, taking their time, getting to wash hands thoroughly afterward, possibly freshening up in the mirror without a baby hanging on their leg whining to be picked up immediately?

Just curious

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Oh I miss the days of uninterupted bathroom time.


Yes, non-parents DO realize the benefits, perks, and upside of not being parents. Most definitely we do :)

And if it makes you feel any better, pets exhibit the same behavior as children. It's just a little easier to lock them outside the bathroom without the guilt, screams or tantrums ensuing.

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