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Nov. 17, 2007

Back To Reality

Ah, back to some real fun. Reality shows. As I’ve admitted before, I do love reality shows.

One in particular seems to just kill me every time I watch it. I literally weep like a schoolgirl dumped by her acne prone boyfriend hungry baby it’s so emotional. The Biggest Loser. There’s no way this show can be scripted. These people lose weight right in front of your eyes.

Also, I can NOT wait to see who Brad chooses on 'The Bachelor'.

We’ll find out Monday at 9:00pm my time so nobody call me at that time or else. In fact, don’t even call me a ½ hour before as I’ve got to ‘get ready’. I plan to cozy up on my couch with a bottle glass of wine in hand and watch as someone gets the ax possibly proposed to.

It’s funny since Brad is from Austin he’s on all the morning radio shows and one could probably run into him on any given night as he owns a few bars right downtown on 6th Street.

I’ve thought about stalking him just to say I did stopping in one night and congratulating him on being 'The Bachelor' and find out if he’s truly earned his Sexiest Bachelor We’ve Had On The Show’ title, per Chris Harrison.

I’ve even got a new sick obsession with The Girls Next Door. What the hell is that all about anyway? Do these girls actually have s*x with the ‘ol coot? I think Holly said she did and she’s what, 30 years old now?

Ew. Sorry, all the money and silk robes couldn’t get me to sleep with anyone over 80.

Over 55 if I really think about it.

Like, how many glasses of wine would I need (in theory)? Would there be a statistical calculation, say 3 glasses of wine = age 50, 4 glasses = 55 and 5+ = a range of age 20-60?

Did anyone else but me actually watch The Age of Love? This is where the hottie tennis player, aged about 30 or so, was to date women in their 20’s and women in their 40’s and then choose.

Right. That was the dumbest show with a predictable outcome.

What I’d like to see is the flip side of the concept. A woman in her 30’s gets to date hotties in their 20’s or rich men in their 40’s or 50’s. Which would she choose?

Much more interesting and less predictable.

Well, I must go, I’m sure there’s something very important I must do.

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Hey, I almost never watch anything but Survivor... but I'm into the Batchelor this season, which is shocking. I usually hate it - and never watch. I normally cant stand to see young woman act so shallow over a guy they've never seen before and have only 'known of' for a short time?? But for some reason Brad has caught my eye as well?

I also enjoy The Biggest Looser, wishing I could devote 24 hours a day, for several months - to myself. I know KO, I had my chance - they were here!

I too will be watching anxiously to see who Brad picks... I am pulling for Deanna. Although, I think Jenni is sort of a kooook, I think Brad has more chemistery with her. Deanna has the better family, in my opionion. What's better that fun (drunk) Grandparents!!!


I love, love, love the biggest loser and I too can't hold in the emotion when it comes to these people. I loved the other week when Julie won that car, she is so cute....she deserved it!!!The one thing I do hate about that show is the host Alison Sweeney. They could at least get someone who was a little bit "sporty." It's not a fashion show Alison!!! I was a little ticked at what's his name for gaining all that weight....oh well, all for the ratings! I will say though, I was glad that Amy went home last week, she was starting to bug me!!!

My next favorite reality show is America's next top model. That show just goes to show that you don't need good looks to you need is makeup!

BUT.....favorite show of all time... THE OFFICE!!! I know it's not a reality, but its pretty good. It keeps me laughing all week it!!!!

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