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Nov. 21, 2007

After The Final Wilted Rose

Well, well, well. Brad. 25 women and you just couldn’t find even one to continue dating. You didn’t have to propose of course. But to leave that lovely red rose just sitting on the podium?

I want the many, many hours of my life back watching you decide which two of the ladies were the least unsuited for you.

I get it that you didn’t want to lead anyone on by giving out false promises and that’s all good and all but that fact that 0 of 25 pretty nice (o.k. maybe about 0 in 10 but that’s still pretty damn good I’d say) weren't good enough for you to even hit a movie with is, well, kinda odd.

Maybe you are odd.

Maybe you never wanted to do this show for its intended purpose of finding a mate and just wanted to further your career agenda and/or name recognition.

If it’s the latter, I will have to stop frequenting your bars downtown.

Oh wait. I’ve actually never been in one. So, I’ll have to find some other way to get you back.

I mean couldn’t you have at least professed some ‘let’s see where this thing goes’ promise and then just quietly break up shortly after all The Today Show, The View and other ‘After The Final Rose’ follow up shows?

No, you had to be unique. I’m not sure whether to hate or admire you.


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I knew I didn't like that show for a reason! What a weird-o what was with all the huffing and puffing and strutting around the lawn? I don't blame Deanna for getting mad rather than too sad... that was re-dic-u-lous!!!

I want my time back too... I ususally don't waste it on that stupid sorry excuse for tv time... now I know why!


Wendy H.

Yes, that perfect circle walk around the lawn was a bit dramatic.


I think you are right. He did it to have a good time. He didn't do it to get engaged. VERY disappointing indeed!!


The whole thing was a gimmick. The show was getting too predictable and stale. They needed to do something different for interest. Reality TV...hooey.


It was very disappointing at the least.

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