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Oct. 28, 2007

My Life Is Complete

I have a new entity in my life that has added such joy and contentness. I didn’t know I could be this happy. In the kitchen.

As you may recall from my prior rant, I had a bad relationship with my dishwasher.

I didn’t have any respect for its abilities (or lack thereof) and it knew it. It totally fu*&$d with me. Pretending to be good and then not draining or leaving my dishes dirty.

So, I got the best of the incompetent thing and replaced him (her?) with a two drawer number. Quiet, pretty and hardworking.

I LOVE the new him/her. I don’t have to strain my back bending into a 180 degree angle to put my utensils in, only to have them break out all over my f’ing floor when I tried to remove the ‘basket’.

I don’t have to grab one ‘clean’ plate when emptying and slam it shut when my 1 year old comes sliding over. The top drawer isn’t even reachable…yet.

I spend a relatively considerable amount of time in the kitchen with my kids and fighting with my dishwasher’s inadequacies was not something I could continue to tolerate.

So long and good riddance Whirlpool.

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This could be one of those "you know you're getting old when..." moments. However, I DO recall the days of being more excited about a kitchen appliance than a pair of Kenneth Cole shoes. Enjoy!

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