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Oct. 22, 2007

Julia's Walking! Or is She?

Julia decided this weekend was the opportune time to jazz up her parents when she decided to walk THIRTEEN steps – all at once. Like she just decided she’d get up off the floor and not even attempt trial and error – just walk and walk and walk.

No problems, not even that shaky. Well kinda 9 Gin and Tonic shaky but still VERY upright.

We couldn’t even get the video camera ready in time as we had zero warning she would do this.

So, I broke out her dresses from the closet that have been dying for attention (she’d trip over them when crawling so they just sat there, all lonely and collecting dust), calculated the savings on bandages for her scraped up knees, got all excited about taking her to the park now and promptly updated her ‘milestone’ chart.

Then, I got the video camera all ready to go to catch it on tape.

She apparently thought there was just too much hoopla over this event and decided she’d go back to crawling. Not one more step the whole weekend and nothing today. I couldn't bribe entice her with anything.


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A good trick that helped with my son was to stand him against a wall and have him hold something in his hands. This apparently distracted him enough to walk to us! Good luck.

2's over rated. She is already aware that once she starts walking she'll be required to run errands. "Julia, go get mommy's slippers." "Julia, go bring mommy a pen." "Julia, go bring mommy her wine." Yeah, kid knows what's up. She's gonna stick to crawling for awhile longer.

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