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Oct. 25, 2007

Congratulations Alex & Daren

My husband became an uncle today for the first time as his sister Alex, living in Sydney, Australia with her husband Daren, had a baby girl. Congrats to the happy couple!

My husband and I discussed how becoming a parent and then an uncle made it all make sense. How he understood the utter joy of being a father and therefore, could relate to being an uncle. He's almost giggy at the fact that his little sister is now a mom.

I however, became an Aunt at age 5 and a parent at age 37 (my Dad is 112, give or take, so I have brothers the age of my in-laws.) so I didn’t understand a damn thing about being an Aunt (or parent until I was….pretty much 37).

We don’t know the baby girl’s name yet however as I don’t think they have chosen one It's Eve Della. Pretty!

Interestingly, in Australia a non c-section birth warrants 4 days in the hospital and a year of maternity leave.

Very different from the US where you get booted from the bed about 12 hours after a vaginal birth and 2 days after a c-section. You also get rewarded with 6 weeks maternity leave (or 8 if you had a c-section) with most companies.

So, during your sleep-deprived nights you get the joy of returning to work – half asleep.

Anyway, I’m happy that everyone is healthy and Alec and Julia have a little baby cousin.

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To the Luckymom Family:
Congrats on becoming an Uncle, an Auntie (again) and cousins! It's always exciting when friends and family crank out a healthy little tyke.


Congrats, Christian! That's an awful long way to go to visit, tho! Your parents have even farther to go but they can get in two visits on the way to and from. And fun that Julia and Eve are so close in age. I hope all three kids can become friends and get to know each other even if your two families are so far apart. Send us a pic when you get one. Congrats to Kristine, Alec and Julia, too. Love, Sonja


Awesome!! Thanks for sharing.... How sweet......!

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