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Oct. 14, 2007

88, The New 58?

So, an odd thing happened to our family today. After a lovely visit from Alec and Julia’s paternal grandparents, we decided we’d do our 'Sunday usual'.

Lifetime Fitness Pool

We packed up the kids, swim clothes and gym shoes and headed to our health club for a nice workout while the kids played (assuming Julia didn’t get us kicked out again).

We’d then head out to the club's amazing outdoor pool and water park to swim and play, followed by a bite to eat at the pool area’s outdoor café.

Strangely, high 80’s in October is evidently just not quite warm enough to warrant having the outdoor pool open any longer this year, so the indoor pool is now the only one available, until ‘next summer’.

I realize its October but when is 88° just too cold?

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That gym is amazing!!! Such a bummer that 88 doesn't quite cut it! LOL


That's just crazy! I suppose it's as crazy as people from the south coming to Seattle in July wearing their jackets while the Seattlites don shorts and sandals! The whole world is just screwy.


Losers, don't they know that people in Seattle would be naked in that kind of heat? What is up with these pansies in Austin?


Time to get out the hats, scarfs and mittens....don't want to catch cold! What do they might freeze over? Looks like a fun place, I bet the kids love it!!!!

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