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Sep. 27, 2007

Yummy Medicine

My son Alec is always trying new and improved ways to get more ‘food’.

It can be funny at times; when he tries negotiating for more crackers or Jell-O or pretty much anything else with at least marginally edible properties.

We’ve had to somewhat monitor Alec’s food intake as his pediatrician delicately advised us that though Alec is not ‘fat’ he could be at risk if we don’t ‘control’ his eating now while we still can.

But now it’s a bit concerning as he’s got me and he knows it. If he can’t get any additional real ‘food’, he feigns illness to get it.

He’s learned that if he complains about an earache (and he’s been known to have ear infections so a completely plausible complaint) I may give him Tylenol or Motrin.

If he has a tummy ache (again, how can I argue?), I may give him one chewable Rolaid.

When’s he’s been prescribed antibiotics in the past, he’s more than keen on gulping down his ‘medicine’. I’m happy he’ll take the medication he needs but am uncertain that I like it when he calls it ‘yummy medicine’ and repeatedly asks for more.

I’m afraid to let him use real toothpaste. I still use the baby kind that has no fluoride, for fear he’ll eat the entire tube.

Any suggestions?

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Although I can't offer any helpful suggestions as to how to control his food issues, I can attest to Lucky Mom's description of the behavior. I personally witnessed Alec taking bites out of several rolls at a buffet table set up for a party we all attended. My impression was that he believed that if he took a bite from them, he would get to eat them because no one else would eat it. Pretty crafty, 'eh? I found it hilarious and a very impressive plan to be cooked up by someone so young. Lucky Mom & Dad weren't quite as impressed or amused as I was, (oh well), and Alec was banned from the food table. So, I'm no help but I adore Alec and appreciate all of the fun, funny times we all shared. Are you sure you don't want to move back to Seattle?


Maybe it's time to move on from the tasty, kid-friendly medicine? I always remember that Benedryl tasted pretty foul!

Wendi -- are you kidding?! What's the temp in Seattle going to be this weekend, eh?


Cole and Kaylee did the same thing. What I do is when they complain about their so-called headache, I make them lie down in a quiet space with a cool washcloth on their forehead. This will only last for about a minute if their head really doesn't hurt. Same with the belly ache, if your tummy hurts then you should lie down for a while and we'll send the other kids home so you can rest. Usually gets the truth out of them every time. "Oh, it doesn't really hurt anymore". Now, they hardly ever complain about pains, as they know it's not going to automatically lead to yummy medicine. Good Luck!


Sorry Wendi, we're not letting them go. Sort of like Hotel California here, well except it's (thankfully) not California. Besides, where else are we going to get our constant pest updates? Plus there is the food thing (not Alec's food thing, my food thing--like it's too good to let Seattle have Chef Lucky Mom back). I'll use my hand cuffs if necessary:-)


Paul - "Seattle Chef Lucky Mom"? Wow, maybe I need a new career. Quite the compliment - you must want something - like more brunch ring maybe?


Kids are always outsmarting us and in most of the cases they have an intelligence that is not easy to handle.

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