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Sep. 29, 2007

The Last 24 Hours (of hell)

I’ve been preparing for my in-laws to arrive tonight from England.

I’ve left the last 24 hrs for vacuuming, buying fresh produce, ensuring the house is straight, laundry done and so on in order to focus on their visit.

So, what went wrong? Or, more appropriately stated, what went right?

Here’s a recap of the last 24 hours of hell, in order of severity, least to most:

9. My darling 11.9 month old got me kicked out of the gym (again) though she is now the only non-walking ‘toddler’ in the ‘big kid’ room; she has managed to kick the big kid’s asses and has been deemed ‘too rough’.

8. We discovered our favorite ex-favorite mortgage broker and family ‘friend’ was ‘secretly’ trashing our family on-line. Ah...the wonders of technology. Apparently said clever ‘friend’ forgot my husband is a techie.

7. My dad turned 86 and when wishing him well on his day, he swore he really didn’t know how old he was as ‘they didn’t keep records back then’. I still don’t know if he was kidding or if he’s technically lost it. Either is a possibility I think.

6. Our bank (Netbank) went under which will mean (at the very least) the most administrative hell ever.

5. My son vomited all over the school yesterday and hence had to come home (isn’t there a sick room or something?). He’ll just do anything to get yummy medicine.

4. My 11.9 month old woke up today (Saturday) with dried vomit all over her and her crib. SH*T.

3. We have to leave today with two sick kids for two+ hours (due to number 1 below). That should be fun…

2. Our brand new dishwasher broke. Yes, it’s under warranty but the f*&king warranty department isn’t open UNTIL MONDAY.

1. We (I) found a 4+ inch LIVE scorpion IN MY HOUSE this morning for which the bug ‘control’ folks will be coming out to ‘treat’ the house AGAIN.

We have to move.

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Sorry to hear your troubles - we are suffering from an English In-law invasion right now...


Oh honey, I can hardly imagine the stress! It's always nice to report the humorous side, and you do it very well. I hope you enjoy your time with the in-laws, and get some time for yourself!
As far as the broker friend, you would think with the current state of the market he would be counting his blessings to have clients and friends like you. Bad boy!


Sorry to hear about all your troubles. Is the grass really greener on the other side. You should ocme back to Seattle. My brother is thinking of moving to Texas. Any advice to keep him here?

Give me a call when you have a chance.


Need to move 'eh. Well you know, we don't have scorpions out here in the Northwest. Yep, all that rain seems to keep them away.....just a thought.

Hope the kids are feeling better soon.


Oh Lordy...I think my nail polish drama pales in comparison. Actually, most of my 'dramas' pale in comparison to've got too many people in your charge!

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