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Sep. 18, 2007

Miracles Do Happen

The most outrageous, absolutely shocking event has occurred.

More surprising than Britney shaving her head.

Than Nicole spending only 82 minutes in jail.

Than my husband actually being able to find an item I've requested from the grocery store. (like milk. He swears 'they don't carry it, I've looked everywhere'.)

It seems like it would never happen.

We finally sold our money imbibing, new house backyard pool denying, no vacations for several years resulting house in Seattle.

Not for the greatest amount in world due to umpteen price drops, but it'll do.

Maybe I can stop buying box wine now.

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ALRIGHT. I am actually very happy for you guys. And no more box wine. How refreshing....Anna


I am so happy for you!!!! Now you can relax and enjoy Austin.


Congratulations! We are thrilled for you. Life should feel a little less stressful now. Hope you are all doing well down there.


Yippee! Congrats. That is such a load off - no more worrying. And, it's raining up here in PT so enjoy that sunshine! I keep tabs on your weather and can just see all you guys in shorts almost all year around. Loved the story of Alec's BD party. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone went back to the parties of their youth? Pin the Tail on the Donkey, presents, ice cream and cake. One doesn't need to spend a fortune to have fun. I'll bet Alec will remember that party for a long time.
Love, Sonja


Congratulations.....It's a tough market right now! Enjoy Austin, I bet it's a great place......but don't you miss Seattle, even just a little?


Happy for you!!!


Yaaaaaaay! But there goes your place to stay when you come and visit. Oh well. Congrats!


Hey! Easy on the "can't find anything" routine.

I've never known anyone more particular in their tastes when it comes to some things - a certain brand of ice cream springs to mind.

Honestly, peanut butter ice cream is peanut butter ice cream - whether it's Ben & Jerry's, Haagen Daz or whatever. It all tastes good so what's the big deal?!


Thanks everyone - and thanks to those who know me personally who had to endure endless whining on the phone too!


I beg to differ on the whole Ice cream comment!! There's a BIG difference, especially when it comes to peanut butter ice cream. Generic or not I can taste the difference. I know my ice cream like Lucky Mom knows her wine....and just like boxed wine, on a budget, certain Generic flavors have to do......unless it's been a really long hard day with the baby and then it's Ben & Jerry's all the way!!!


Been out of town so, this is a little after the fact but I have to weigh in. I adore Christian but his palate isn't as sensitive as some of ours, (sorry sweetie). There is a difference in taste in certain brands and absolutely a difference in wine, cereal and ice creams. I would say it's "guy thing" but I know from past expereince that it isn't.

Congrats on dumping the albatross, I mean selling the house.


Keely & WLW,

Don't mind C, he was probably drinking when he wrote such craziness. EVERYONE knows better.

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