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Sep. 6, 2007

Alec's Faux Birthday Bash

Clearly, if this gets out, I’ll be awarded the Worst Mom Ever. In child birthday party standards at least.

Alec just turned four a couple of weeks ago and I didn’t throw him a bash, complete with worthy theme.

Since we moved to Austin, we’ve been lucky enough to receive invitations to many children’s birthday shindigs and they’ve been quite impressive.

There was the Tiki Hut Hawaiian theme, the Firemen/Policemen theme, complete with the real thing, various clown gatherings and so on. I think the parents must have hired event planners they were so elaborate.

However, due to my droning on about our casa in Seattle not selling we decided to go the cheapie route this year and pretty much have the unheard of 'family celebration’, A.K.A. 'we’re tightasses right now, sorry babe, maybe next year’ for Alec.

And, since Alec isn’t really sure who his friends are anyway (code for Mommy has been more than remiss at playdates), we were trying to figure out how to get through his birthday without him wondering where his event was.

The morning of his big day, he ate cupcakes I made him (yes, from a cheapie box), then opened his presents (including his new little bicycle which he thought was cool) and we ventured up to the local mall where there is an Inflatable Wonderland.

Since it actually was his birthday, they gave him a birthday sticker to wear, balloon etc.

Then, they looked behind us for his friends that must have been standing in line.

Nope. Just us. I think they were overcome with a mix of pity and curiosity. They appeared to be eying Alec with their condolences.

How could this nice four-year old boy have a birthday without his friends, gift bags, pizza, clown etc?

So, after regaining their composure at the tragedy they just witnessed, they let us in where we found no less than three birthday parties in full swing.

Alec seemed to think that one+ of these parties was for him and introduced himself to several kids. They ran off and went down the slides together, jumped in the bouncy castles etc. He had a ball. We took pics.

He thought all this celebration was for him apparently. Nice scam. We have pictures to prove it.

Or, he knew the gig and just cut us a break.

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Now there is a mom after my own heart! We won't be throwing any gift bag laden, clown attending b-day bashes any time least not until they get to be an age where they can ASK for them!


Sweetie, you did good and so did Alec. It's our job to teach financial responsibility, not excess. Way to go girl!


I'm just getting a moment to catch up on your blog....BIG GRIN!! I give you a GIANT pat on the back... way to go. That is the way to do it while they are still little and not completely aware of the protocal. We threw our daughter a 10 year old "American Idol" sleep over with all the drama that goes with 5th grade girls. And then (both kids are in the same month) I threw a Happy 13th for our 7th grade - social butterfly - son with 21 of his closest friends, both boys and girls this time. Yes, this was the first party to include the opposite sex. It was a pool party during the day time so NO FUNNY BUSINESS ALLOWED. Costly very costly... enjoy these years when you can still pull off the quiet family party. And don't feel bad for one moment... I'm sure he had a blast - it sounds like you provided him with all the 4 year old essentials!!


Just proves that all the excess other parents indulge in is completely unnecessary. Hope he doesn't pick up that frugal trait, though, or he'll be questioning your 'needs'. "Mommy, do you really need those new shoes?" or "Mommy, do you really need that $30 bottle of wine?" :)


ljs - yes, there's always the backfire. Just when you think you fooled them. Oh, and he better leave my wine alone or I'll have to teach him about wine 'early'.


Everyone needs a birthday party even when we are old! There are limitations to today's events and I think you captured the essense in a great way.
My kids just got home parties with a few games and some good friends and the cake and the birthday spankings with a pinch to grow an inch.
They were always satisfied and I was always exhausted. Just wait til you do the birthday parties with ten noisy little boys. But it is fun! Keep up the good work mom!

Love Karen

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