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Aug. 22, 2007

Bug Battle Continues - Scorpions

Ah…so I was going to write about my son’s 4 year-old fraudulent birthday ‘party’ last Saturday but decided I’d write about something more titillating first.

I don’t mean to beat this bug battle to death but I found a dead scorpion in my garage in one of the ‘sticky traps’ that my pest man placed AT THE ENTRANCE of my garage to find out exactly what was attempting to illegally break into my ‘no-bug-I’m-from-Seattle–where-we-didn’t-have-these-creepy-things-thank-you, home'.

I pretty much freaked out but decided to suck it up, be the strong female and get over it.

I’ve been learning and somewhat accepting the bug hierarchy here and it was probably a one-time thing or worse case scenario, the scorp family members sent it in on a reconnaissance mission to see how far it would get, then report back.

Apparently the latter.

Relatively soon after the discovery, I found a ½ (not good enough) dead one in my garage dangerously close to my laundry room door which leads dangerously close to my master bedroom (that is so oddly ‘preferred by most homeowners in the South you know’.)

No I don’t. I prefer to sleep a good one+ floor above the bugs, thanks. (Did you know there are scorpion belt buckles? That people apparently buy? And wear? Look here.)


So anyway, this adventurous, poison-resistant one had made it a bit too far, almost to the inside of my home.

Now, I can’t even go into my garage without the hairs on my entire body standing straight up. I also can’t seem to put my toes down any longer.

You know, when you’re afraid you might step on something when barefoot so you kinda don’t place your foot all the way down? My toes won’t seem to go back together either, they’re permanently spread way apart now too.

Is that weird? Anyway, when I walk up to the washer, dryer, bed or even when I get up at night for a cocktail sip of water etc., I’ve noticed I can no longer walk with my feet flat on the floor. Now my arches hurt.

When will this battle of people (o.k. me) v. scary creatures end? Will I just surrender and just graciously start inviting them in?

And people wonder why I drink.

So, I’ll tell you about my poor son’s faux party next time.

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I really do not know how you are handling this bug deal without high tailing it back to Seattle. I kept my doors & windows closed off this summer until the new screens were in place & we don't have that many bugs up here. Yuck!!!!


This reminds me of the time I saw an armadillo running through the parking lot in Florida, I just took off running, I'm good at that..


Let's not forget the two preying mantises on the front door and the monster tarantula I saw crawling across the road a while back.

Oh, and the snake on the side of the road that turned out to be alive...


Let's go to San Diego. Hey, that's where all the bugs go!


I saw a Russell Crowe movie once where they put lavendar on the window sill to keep the scorpions out. I don't know if it really works but it will smell pretty and reduce your stress level about the nasty creatures!

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