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Aug. 9, 2007

Box Wine

Box wine

Though I’ve actually choked down consumed box wine, I have to admit I am a closet box drinker and then only occasionally to make my cheap financially responsible husband happy.

I won’t even throw the empty wine box into the recycle bin as on recycle day all the neighbors would see it and laugh. At me.

Is this fair? When I met my husband, I had just quit my ‘corporatey’ job to go hang in NYC and drink wine attend the Wine Spirit and Education Trust in order to become a Sommelier or something as cool.

To complete the entire course at the time, it would take about 6 years with the last two years of study in the U.K.

Cool. I was single with no children and loved wine. Perfect career path for me.

Right. So actually living in NYC proved a teeny bit pricey so I had work A LOT just to pay that pesky, astronomical rent on my <200 sq ft apt. Also, had to travel a lot for my ‘almost-rent-covering’ job and wasn’t able to attend my classes.

So, sadly, my wine dreams were crushed.

What I’m getting at is I really, really like wine, actually kinda bordering on sheer admiration.

Though I’m somewhat picky about what I drink, I’ve relaxed my wine demands as our budget has advised.

As I stated in Buy My House, we are budget friendly now, hence, my even slight willingness to drink box wine.

Though I’ve been forced accepted that on occasion I must drink wine from a BOX, I will ONLY drink BLACK BOX as I can almost tolerate it.

But this is just too much:

My husband thinks the $18.00 a barrel box is just too pricey and “you can catch a buzz” with the cheaper sh*t. You know, Franzia.


Catch a buzz”? WTF? I don’t exactly drink wine to catch a buzz but rather I LIKE THE TASTE.

As he finally busted me with contraband wine bottles (not sure how he found my hiding places), I’ve decided I’m going to have to buy bottles and covertly pour them INTO the box. There’s always a way.

If someone doesn’t buy our damn house, I’m going to have to look at much more creative ways to avoid drinking faux wine live conservatively.

How much do you think I could get for the kid? Or, maybe just pimp her out?

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You are just too funny. Box wine, I remember box wine in the 80's & didn't like it then. How can it improve. Nice packaging & cool names. anna


Hey, Kristine,
My sister Karen says that one should have a first glass of good wine and then go to the "s*it" wine because after the first glass, one doesn't seem to notice the quality as the evening wears on. Maybe that would work for you! We just got back from Clint's family reunion and they had a "cheap" bottle of Cabernet/Merlot from Hyatt Winery in the Yakima Valley and it was pretty darn good. On sale here at 7.99, usually 10.99. If you can find it in Austin, give it a try.

I envy you your warm weather. It is so cold here right now. I can't figure out what kind of a summer we're having. I dreamed the other night that it snowed here and it sure feels like that now! And it was so nice and warm in Spokane - we really enjoyed it.
Love, Sonja


I found your site while I was avoiding doing responsible mom things by perusing craiglist for things I both don't need and won't buy. But I just wanted to say, I got a chuckle from your site. I've resorted to boxed wine once in my day. I don't believe I've ever told anyone....the shame. :o) Take care and thanks for the laugh and helping me avoid laundry!

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