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Jul. 12, 2007

Buy My House

My husband and I have been trying to ‘brainstorm’ ideas on how to get out the financial ruin sticky situation we’re currently in.

See, our house has been on the market a wee going on five months now (ouch) and since I made the ridiculously stupid, I’m a complete dumb*ss slightly risky decision to move to Austin and buy another house before taking care of that pesky little problem in Seattle, we need to come up with an idea – now.

Well, I think I’ve got it.

Begging. Beg people to buy our house. I mean, marketing it the traditional way isn’t working.

Dropping the price twice hasn’t worked.

Firing Changing our real estate agent to get fresh ideas and a new perspective – nope, didn’t work either.

Being 'patient' until summer when the weather in Seattle will ensure a herd of motivated buyers will come out and compete for it – multiple offers and all. Uh…well, no. That didn’t happen.

So, let’s try a new unorthodox approach. Put it on my blog and beg ask nicely. I mean, I’m not above child bribery anymore so why not add another character flaw fun new personality trait.

For crying out loud - is it asking that much? Just slide in a little ‘ol full-price offer and nobody gets hurt. You with me?

I’ll even throw in a $5.00 Starbucks card or my first second born child; whichever you’d prefer.

See it here:

Or you can rent it here:

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That's what I love about you, Lucky're never too proud to beg :)


Begging 'eh? Great sales strategy. I think I may start using it in my job since like you, I don't have any pride either.


I hope it works! If so, you may have a new job opportunity in hand...helping people post their homes on blogs. Who knows, might be a new trend in the real estate business. Good luck!


Wow, that is really some house and I don't mean that in a good way! Your driveway is too steep as is your backyard, tiering it the way you have certainly doesn't lend itself to having usable space. I can see exactly why it's been on the market so long, it's way overpriced for Kenmore, and doesn't even have a view! I would certainly agree that your name is "Lucky Mom" if you are able to sell this house! I think you better take any offer you get, full price or not! Cut your losses and be thankful.


Hmmmm . . . sounds more like you have unrealistic expectations about what your home is worth. If you've had two agents, two price drops and have been on the market for five months, sounds like a classic case of overpricing. I would have to agree with your dumba** assessment of yourself.


littleone - it does have a view! (and sadly, I have no offers so nothing to accept anyway!).


A view you say, from where and of what? The pictures don't show that. Perhaps I will have to check it. Will there be an open house this weekend?


Anonymous - Ouch.

Good thing I can laugh at myself easily eh? (I would be more impressed with your comment however if you didn't hide behind the name 'anonymous').


After reading the rest of your blog, I'm not interested in impressing you. Seems to me you are more than impressed with yourself.


littleone - Lake Wa from the top floor and miles and miles of territorial (trees, houses etc.)

I don't think our agent is doing an open house. In fact, we're also putting in on the rental market to see what happens.

Please do check it out, and bring your friends.

BTW, I didn't come up with the original price, our first realtor did based on 'comps and a market analysis'. hmmmm. Plus, that darned has it at $835K +


I think I know someone who might be interested if it has a view. Maybe I can get ahold of your agent and check it out for them. They are out of town right now, but I'll look into it for them. Thanks for the info. How long did you live there and were you the original owners?


littleone - it definitely has a view though admittedly the lake view is in the distance!

We were the original owners and lived there for about 2.5 yrs (until we moved to Austin).


Great, I will check it out and get back to you. Thanks! I'm actually thinking of 2 families now that might be interested. I'll let ya know.


Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! No fun at all, at least you don't have to live in the house, ready to dash out at a moments notice, hiding all evidence that you, your child and your dogs ever lived there. It is a truly lovely home with a wonderful deck and georgeous kitchen.


Just looked at the MLS listing... honestly I don't think the photos do the house justice. The place is a castle. But the photos give the impression that it's so-so. Just a thought.
At any rate... my suggestion is to move back here to Seattle and hang out with me and Pepe! :)


I agree with Erik - as anyone who ever saw the house in person would. The pictures don't do it justice, but it's because it's one of those that while it looks beautiful in the photos, it's even better live. I'm not sure what Anonymous' problem is - they either aren't from around here so have no idea what the market is like, or have clearly never been to your neighborhood, or finally, just is kind of a negative-nelly. As someone who has been looking for a house for well over a year, I can confirm that the range of houses and prices in this area is wild - and we're talking here about a huge almost-new house that is move-in perfect. You will sell it - we're sure of it. Hopefully littleone's friends can get a chance to see it. Best of luck!


Melody/Erik/Jane - yeah! That's what I say!


So what is the difference between someone using anonymous and you using Lucky Mom? Aren't you hiding behind that? Anyway, good luck on selling your house!


So what is the difference between someone using anonymous and you using Lucky Mom? Aren't you hiding behind that? Anyway, good luck on selling your house!


Sigh.....good lord.


I understand that there is a rather rotund true Texas wo-man at the local store who has been looking for spot in Seattle (to escape that sweat-inducing heat) that is large enough to fit her super-size LA-Z-BOY, as long as the WHEW-BABY kitchen has a giant fridge for Krispy Kreme king size donut boxes and large crates of cheap sweet box wine (OK, 99 cent budweisers will do). Only problem is the only place she scans the ads are in the National Enquirer, the only true source of trusted journalism. Oh, and I also understand, a prerequisite is that the place must be haunted, though she may not be able to outpace the ghosts without a turbo Segway and one of those elevator thingies to get up and down the stairs. The view doesn't really matter, because she keeps the windows blinded with old Krispy Kreme custom home made blinds (much more chic than those things you've got). Add in a month's supply of banana cream pie, and I think you can close this deal.


Paul - yes, I know her and you are a funny, funny man.



It's been a long time since I've had the opportunity to tune into Lucky Mom. Wow! Apparently anonymous is having a bad day! Sorry to hear that your Kenmore house has not sold yet, I'll pass the info. to anyone that I think may be interested. Hope you, hubby and kids are doing well and loving your new surroundings! Things are in a holding pattern here! Will chat with you soon!

dk Kent, WA (-:


Have you thought about staging the house? It certainly looks a beautiful property - and I would say that anonymous is clearly just jealous. Have faith - there's someone out there who's going to want to snap it up.


Just want to give my feedback on the Kenmore house since I spent many fun filled days, (and some nights), there. It's a great house in a beautiful neighborhood surrounded by some other terrific families. I haven't seen the MLS but since like me, Erik has been there, maybe it is the listing that's the issue and you're just not getting the flow of traffic that you need. Staging is always a good idea too.

By the way Paul, the place is haunted with the spirit energy and memories of many fun-filled, (and wine soaked), Texas Hold'em parties, a crazy 2, (or was it 3), day New Years Eve party, (that one was champagne soaked), and several other totally crazy get-togethers. I think the Texas Wo-man would feel quite at home.


WLW, you're giving away my secrets. I stay home and take care of my kids and never have any fun beyond that. Or something.

Anyway, my realtor took some new pics - they look good!


Oooops, sorry Lucky Mom, (or whatever your real name is). Didn't mean to blow you cover.


Here is some feedback from clients whom I showed your home to and our impressions. The home is beautiful. The finishes are quality, the rooms are nice sized and the kitchen/family area great room is wonderful, it's easy to imagine many fun evenings with friends enjoying the sun on the deck on a summer evening.

The following is what may be preventing you from getting your asking price. You have a steep hill going to your home and a steep driveway going up to it. You have three sets of stairs. While walking up the outside stairs to the front door, the home next to you looms above your home and in the backyard you feel like you are in a fishbowl with the neighbors looking down on you. We certainly couldn't see the lake and we were there on a clear day.

The builder had an extremely hard time selling these homes when they were new and based on how long the listings are sitting, it seems that the resales are going to be a struggle, too.

Good luck you you, I wish you every success with the sale of your home.


LFP Realtor - thank you for your comments (and showing my home!). I understand the hill/stairs issue but oddly enough we liked that about the house. We liked that it sat up high and had views. I know many folks aren't looking for that but we hoped we find another set like us.

The fishbowl backyard was actually not supposed to even be a real backyard but more of a terraced garden. There were only windows in the back and we added the small deck and french doors (and fence) to have a place for our kids to play.

Again, thanks for feedback!
Lucky Mom


I like the new photos. I have been sick the past few days, so I still haven't made it by, but I will check it out. Wishing you the best in getting the house sold quickly!


littleone - yeah, the new pics look great huh?

Also, we just dropped the price again to out rock bottom minimum ($40K addl drop) so I think this should do it.



Just found your site. LOVE it!

Okay, my husband and I have sold real estate for 10 years. It really has little to do with the long as it's on MLS.

What is the lowest comp in your area? Price your home 5% under that and it WILL sell. Don't keep chasing the market down. Beat the competition to it. It sounds harsh but desperate times call for desperate measures and this is a terrible real estate market.

Hang in there Lucky Mom. You still have what's important, a hubby and adorable baby :)



Thanks for the tip and comment!


So, any word on your house yet? I took my one couple by, they didn't like the steep driveway. Sorry. The other couple had already bought a house by the time I told them. Hope you have sold it by now!


littleone - yes, finally!


I was going to ask the same until I read

"We're sorry, this listing could not be found. The MLS Number may not match or may have changed, or the property may no longer be on the market. Contact your Windermere Agent for more information."

Congrats on the sale. It's a bloody mansion so I'm not surprised it look a 'little' longer to sell :)

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