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Jun. 10, 2007

Texas Time?

So, if everyone driving here in Texas is tailing your a*s if you aren't going at least 65 as mentioned previously, then why is everyone late, early or pretty much just not on time? Where is everyone going so fast and yet being so late or early?

I remember being in Kauai, Hawaii and being told 'you're on Kauai time' when inquiring as to our restaurant meal whereabouts after 45 minutes post-order.

Apparently, there's some kind of mix-up here in Austin as there are some similar traits with those who provide services.

Let me give you a few examples of some who appear to feel Kauai time is Austin time. Or something like that.

1. Moving company movers who state they will be at your place by 1:00 PM really mean 10:00 PM after they tell you at 3:00 PM (post polite inquiry by anxious homeowners tapping finger on watch) that they probably won't make it that day (until they're threatened in ways that should just not be repeated).

2. When said threatened movers start at 10:00 PM they don't typically get done before 3:30 AM regardless of how little they have to move as you did most of it yourselves waiting for 10:00 PM to come around. (Poor floor-sleeping husband on a work night)

3. House cleaners who make appts for 2:00 PM can occasionally mean 11:00 AM and 'where are you?' when they're at your home being paid by the hour and you're not there? Oh and when you remind them that you will be 1/2 hr away so please call when they are within 30 minutes of being finished, they confuse 5 minutes with 30.

4. Building contractors. Enough said on that.

5. Oh, except to say that your builder may bark that you didn't answer your door when one of multiple contractors that has to work on your home during YOUR time, was hacked when you didn't answer your door.

Oh, discovering the doorbell wasn't answered due to bloody doorbell NOT WORKING only prompts another contractor appointment. His bad. Good Lord.

6. When spending 30 minutes ensuring your infant is fed, changed, clothed and safely strapped into vehicle in order to be transported 30 more minutes (and 1/2 tank of $3.00/gallon gas) to showroom for window blind viewing/selection, remember to be patient because they're not always open WHEN ADVERTISED.

7. On that same note, don't even think that obtaining your required Texas state emission/safety inspection on your vehicle, will truly take 'only 10 minutes' after finding one of the 'million' inspection stations within 2 miles of your home as claimed, is actually true.

The truth? There are a couple within 10 miles but since 'Bobby burned his hand and won't be able to do the inspection until at least tomorrow' (or even the following day as his hand was still apparently still in pain...) you may not be able to fulfill such requirement in a timely manner.

8. As EVERYONE in their right mind (with the exception of entomologists maybe ...freaks) would prefer to live bug/scorpion/wasp/spider free, if you live in Texas you hire a pest-control company and have them treat your home VERY OFTEN. "Fortunately" , it's a compeitive business and hence, they all offer, "same-day service" if you have any problems. ie. bugs, tarantulas, scorps etc.

"Same day service" apparently means "when we feel like getting out there to rid you of your wasps nest/scorpion click or other bug-related gang hanging inside your pad". Nice.

I'm still trying to figure out Texas time. Is it late, early or just confusing so you'll just not ever really know?

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Re. #8, I did find it amusing that recently I had to swerve the car to avoid squishing a tarantula that was crawling across the road — man, that thing was big!


Do you miss Bothell yet? Call again... sorry I missed your call the other day!

Julia Roberts and Neve (sp?) Campbell both live in Austin... have you seen them yet? Julia has small kids and is pregnant again so maybe you'll bump into her at the gym.

Nick just got braces, thus the updates from People Mag :-) long waits....

Did you say tarantulas?? YUCK

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