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May. 16, 2007

Baby Got A Time Out!

My sweet, always smiling, gentle 7 month old baby girl had to be SEPARATED and put into a corner yesterday at my gym's baby care area.

She apparently was making the other babies cry by grabbing their hair, face, whatever other appendage she could reach and then chewing on it.

They didn’t like it and told the supervisor. She was taken away to the corner and put in a swing for bad babies. She received a restraining order and told she wasn't allowed within 5 feet of other the other babies.

Now I know why she's the only baby who isn't crying when I come pick her up.

I hope they let us back in. I may have to lie when reserving a spot and say her name is Betty or something then show up with my grabby, chewer.

If I can’t get back to the gym because of her, she’s so grounded.

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How can something so cute get a time out? What a strange world.


Ha! That is funny!!


She's just being friendly and curious! Those are two good things!!!


That would never have happened in Seattle.... (-:


I can't believe those Texas babies! What wimps - they got picked on by a Washington tree hugger and couldn't take it.


She has just confused 'kissing' with 'chewing' and 'grabbing' with 'fondling'. She was actually trying to "give" love not harm. She's young and confused.......oh and really cute too!
Just know that this is where it all begins!


Hi there that is absolutely crazy sticking a baby in a corner. I understand she is grabbing at the babies but what child does it. I hope they don't kick you out of the gym for this, maybe the care givers need to pay more attention and give your child some new toys and try to play with her.

The good thing is that she will grow out of it. I have a 14mos old daughter and she was the same way. She will snap out of it don't feel bad.
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