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Apr. 26, 2007

Austin - Great Place, Bad Hair

Our initial impressions of Austin are really good! We are really enjoying being here so far.

Here’s some reasons why along with some general observations:

It’s warm outside. Everyday.

I can wear shorts and flip flops everyday and it’s only April.

When I walk to the playground with my kids, I make about 10 friends immediately. Everyone introduces themselves to you. (I think it’s because no one is actually FROM Austin, they’re transplants like us and need friends).

I think Austin is the New California as pretty much everyone I’ve met is from there.

I go through a tank of gas every TWO DAYS as you have to drive many, many miles to get to pretty much anything. It’s costing me a fortune.

You don’t dare drive under the 65 speed 'limit’ even in a residential neighborhood, as your sorry ass will be tailed within mere inches of your back bumper.

And don’t think the ‘slow’ lane is actually going to help you. If you’re driving around semi-lost and think going the speed limit or slower is acceptable – it’s not. I’ve found this out the hard way. I thought for sure my Washington license plates would buy me at least a little leeway – apparently not.

So, I went ahead and licensed my car in Texas.

Oh, and apparently the ‘bike’ lane is actually the third vehicle lane you’re intended to use to turn right SEVERAL MILES PRIOR TO YOUR TURN.

Oh, and though everyone is speeding unmercifully, they all come to a screeching halt in a school zone. I’m all for that but it’s actually amusing to see everyone in such a hurry slam on their brakes the exact second they hit the school zone line in the road and then step on it when they cross the line indicating they’re out of it.

Downtown in the Warehouse district is a great place to eat and listen to live music. Very cool.

Our 'athletic club' or 'gym' we joined is actually a resort with indoor and outdoor water parks, a restaurant, spa, salon, mammoth rock wall and amazing kid activities. We almost forget that we're there to work out.

I can't believe we live in Texas - and love it!

So far my only real beef about Austin? My curly (i.e. frizzy) hair is in big, big trouble here. Humidity kills straightened hair.

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I can't wait to come visit!!! Miss yoU!


Have you seen Chuck Norris yet????


It's always about the hair isn't it! We women and our hair! I will continue to have well wishes for you and your hair in Austin. However, I won't "pity" you too much as we have to still worry about the "wet" look because it is still misting and drizzling daily here. I think I would trade the droopy hair for the frizzy!

Glad you are enjoying it dow there. We all miss you. The Boys say hello to Alec, Jack really misses him.


Saw the house on the John L.Scott realtor website last night. Can't beleive your really gone already! Sounds like fun though - I'm very envious - I could use a change. Enjoy the experience...


I'll add a few comments to Kristine's.

I'm glad we live in the 'hill country' because everywhere else around here appears to be really, really flat. That's hard to get used to having lived in Seattle.

Austin is going to have some severe traffic problems in the next few years (not that it doesn't already). There are way too few highways and HOV lanes for the amount of cars on the road.

Oh, and we haven't seen a single bus yet. Seriously — I don't think they exist (other than, I dare say, downtown). It's very odd.

But then there's the weather, and everything is alright again…


Hello all,
just had Joan and Brian here in Holland, great weather while they visited. No problem with the hair-do however. Went to Amsterdam and did the canal tour as well as a visit to Scheveningen and a walk along the beach. Watches the Queens Birthday visit to a small visit in the middle of Holland on TV. Amazing how little security she has and all her children with wives joint in with the locals in Tug of War and other games.
Glad to hear that you all enjoy Austin, read news about AMD which however is not too thrilling, hope things are for the long term.
Cheers and love

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