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Mar. 29, 2007

Friendly Reminders When Moving Across The F&^%$ Country With Two Small Children

1. Don't exceed the 50 lb suitcase limit (or you'll find yourself in front of a long line of people at the airport with your butt in the air tossing your crap from one case to another until you have the proper weight distribution within your many, many bags).

2. Don't let go of your 3.5 year old kid while walking through security as he/she just might make a run for it...........

3. Try hard NOT to hand nice man behind you in security line asking if he can help you with your bag, your infant. Apparently, he doesn't have kids. My bad.

4. Don't dare let your infant poop on an extremely bumpy United Airlines flight as just when you lay your 27 inch kid on the 12 inch toilet seat (that's right, no changing table or changing anything for that matter) his/her head may dangle dangerously close to the urine soaked floor, banging into the wall, as you try to use your legs as extra hands. (Oh, and it only got worse. I'll save you the details.)

5. Make friends with the flight attendants by truthfully claiming your 1 year as 'one of them' while insisting "it's o.k. that the seat belt sign is on due to the plane being ready to go down in a ball of flames because of extreme turbulence, I can manage to pee in the lav with a double gin and tonic in my hands". Oh, and pretend that you're not scared, you always scream out "Double gin and tonic, NOW!" when flying.

5. Hotels with 'kitchens' doesn't always mean kitchens. Sigh....

6. A $20.00 tip might get all your suitcases in your 'full-sized' rental car. If you're lucky.

7. Don't let your movers slice a large gash into your rental home's front door with your refrigerator when the owner of the home is watching. (Sh*T)

8. Placing stuff from a larger home into a smaller home takes fun, creative skills. (Actually, it blows).

9. Try and sell your current home prior to taking on rental house fees, no matter how much you think your house will fly off the market due to great price. (Lemonade stand anyone?)

10. It DOES rain in Austin....but it's still warm outside!

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Come on now, there must have been something good or fun about the trip??? Isn't there anything that made you laugh, and not laugh like you were about to lose your mind and be sent off to the looney bin kind of laugh. Something to make us all say, "oh, that's why they moved to Austin". Come on Kristine, I know you're holding something back, spill it!!!! One great thing about the trip, you can do it.


It seems like you should still be here in Seattle and that I can call you to join me at a park any day.

We had a beautiful, warm day today. I discovered a fantastic new park near your old place and thought of you.

Missing you and hope to always remain in touch.

Michelle (Zachary's Mom)



O.k. here goes:

I think we're going to LOVE Austin!!


Don't worry Michelle — Kristine hasn't forgotten you.

Of course, Kristine's trip only took one day while mine took five! 2250 bleedin' miles I had to drive, dammit.

Oh well, at least I got to see the Texas panhandle (thank God I'll never have to drive through there again).


welcome to austin! best wishes for a quick and smooth settling in...


Angeline - thanks for the welcome. It's amazing how welcoming everyone has been so far!

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