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Mar. 12, 2007

Countdown To Austin

O.k. well, last I yakked about Austin, I said we had a decision to make.

We kind of made it and now have seven (7), (yes, SEVEN) days until we leave. Our house. For good. To move to Austin.

OMG, I have a lot to do. Talk to you soon.

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Oh, Kristine,
I haven't seen the baby yet! Your house sold so quickly. Are you really leaving that soon?! I know you're going to be so busy and I wish I could help you. PLEASE let me know your new address, phone number, etc. I sure don't want to lose contact. I hope you love it down there but I'd love it, too, if you'd move back up here!
Love to all,


Kristine- Wow, that's fast. Good luck with your move and everything that comes with it!!! I enjoyed getting to know you and Alec. I hope you find a good hair stylest for Alec when you get to Austin


Wow Kristine! Andy told me that you were on the move. Good luck with the move and finding a new home. I hope Austin has everything you are looking for! Let us know how things turn out.

Cheers, Ingrid


Bummer... just found another cool mom blogger in Seattle and now you're moving to... Texas? crazy! With all the rain we've been having, I think I might be jealous! Good luck...

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