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Feb. 23, 2007

Rehab - The New Investment Opportunity


What exactly is it and how can I get in on it?

Now, I don’t mean to make too much fun of this (of course I do) but don’t you think there is a lucrative career or say, financial opportunity here?

According to the pharmaceutical companies, every kid apparently has ADD and/or ADHD.

Therapists want to prove every growing infant needs speech, large motor or some other type of therapy.

Well, evidently, every adult and teen has a problem for which rehab is needed. I say, "there's money to be made".

Lindsay went to rehab. Britany frequents rehab. Nicole? Yep, couple of trips to rehab. (btw, how is it that everyone who hangs with Paris goes to rehab but Paris doesn’t? She may be a bit smarter than we think).

Isaiah Washington went to ‘rehab’ for a homophobic slur. What kind of rehab is that? How long does it take one to be rehabilitated for making slurs? Do they have to admit to the circle of participants that they are a ‘slur-utterer’?

Tara Conner’s people apparently decided rehab would work wonders for keeping her Miss USA crown, so off she went.

Mark Foley (former Republican congressman from Florida) skipped over to rehab due to his fondness of playing naughty internet with teen boys. Ick.

Gavin Newsom (S.F. Mayor) gets busted for cheating on his wife so promptly hits rehab.

Seems to me the one that really needed rehab was Anna Nicole.

So, how does one buy stock in rehab anyway?

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That's good! I would buy that, let us know what you find out ;-)


That was funny Kristine!! Pretty popular gig these days! : )


Thanks for the Friday laugh, I needed it!

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