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Jan. 10, 2007

Understanding Babies' Cries

For those moms who are Oprah followers, this is not exactly a news flash as Priscilla Dunstan, a mom from Australia was on a couple months ago with her “Secret Language of Babies” story. It also repeated a million times.

BUT, I really wanted to test this out before I wrote about it (and found the time to write about it) and I have to admit it works. It’s a bit freakish really but it works.

One CAN determine why a baby is crying most of the time. Really. I mean it.

According to Priscilla, babies’ cries are reflexes that are detectable in 0-3 month old babies. If not responded to, babies will stop using them.

I have a couple of questions: “Why the h_ll did this have to be a secret we’re just now finding out about? Isn’t new parenthood tough enough?”'s the chart:

  1. EH” means “I need to burp” (and we know how they sound like a drunken sailor when it’s a good one. Easily detectable I’ve found)
  2. NEH” means “I’m hungry” (one should probably have this covered before tilting head in confusion on why baby is crying eh?)
  3. OWH” means “I’m sleepy” (this one I find really detectable which is always nice – nap time, mommy gets to pee and eat and if it’s a really good day, shower)
  4. "HEH” means “Discomfort
  5. EAIR” means “Abdominal Gas

Now, I personally cannot detect “EAIR” but figure “HEH” is close enough as I’m guessing Abdominal Gas just might be irritating enough to be labeled “Discomfort”.

I can detect the others quite easily and she is right on.

If you’re interested, there’s more detailed information on

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Came across your blog (you r 2 funny) and thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Lisa; I have a two year old (demi) the love of my life. I have to say that you are not alone in the luckymom world :) I can't complaint about my little one as well. Anyways I was reading your comment on Baby's's funny because I thought I was supermom when I DISCOVERD IT...come to find out Priscilla went public a few months's a long story and I'm at work. I have a blog on my website if you'd like to learn a little about me, exchange thoughts, ideas please feel free.

Stay stylish : )


Do you have secrets? ;)
pls write me


I have a question. My friends baby's father scolled his two year old daughter and sat her next to him and she cried, but as she was crying she would hold her breath and the parents would tell her to breath. Her mom said she does that all the time. That is not normal is it? What do you suggest if something like this happens and she doesn't breath? I would appreciate any advice. Thank you.


Hi Gloria, my parents have told me - and i actually remember - that when i would get in trouble or angry as a little girl i would hold my breath until i went blue. I remember the reason i did it was to make my parents panic and i suppose i thought it would get me what ever it was i wanted. My mum used to get very upset. She sought advice from a child psycologist and thy said its not possible to hold your breath until you die and they were told to ignore the behaviour. After about 2 weeks i stopped doing it.
Im now 26 and have a 5 week old baby and i can imagine how hard ignoring it would be but it worked. This is the first time iv heard of any other kid doing it though. Hope this helped.

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