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Dec. 18, 2006

What Next?

O.k. so Seattle had the most rain in about a million years in November. A record rain month for Seattle is saying quite a bit.

Then, snow and ice struck a couple of weeks back; making us unable to drive up our hill for three days, somewhat stuck at home with cabin fever. No school etc.

Then, the massive wind storm last week caused us to be without power for three days and two nights (not fun with a newborn; actually just not fun at all when it gets dark at 4:00pm). We had to throw out all our food from the freezer and refrigerator. It was cold.

But this? This is just too much. I’m all hunkered in last night all ready for the finale of SURVIVOR. The anticipation was killing me. Would Ozzy kick everyone’s A_S again or would Yul outsmart him?

Ah….a fun night it was going to be. Two straight hours of the final five being whittled down to the ultimate survivor and then the reunion show.

I couldn’t imagine a more fun night (my life is obviously a bit on the slow side lately granted) but no! The television went black right before it started. T.V. service OUT. Kaput.

I stared at the TV, willing it to come back on. Then, right before Survivor, during 60 Minutes, it came back on. For three minutes. Then, black. Black. Black.

What am I doing wrong?

And, what next? Ugly Betty will probably get canceled or something as ludicrous.

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Hey there-
Sorry to hear about your Survivor experience. A friend of mine tivoed it so I watched it last night.Let me know if you want the play by play. We're still without power, it sucks big time. Can you say brrrrrr?

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