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Dec. 31, 2006

Three Is The New Two - I Hear

Julia Roberts to have a third child.

If it's a girl, I wonder if she too will name her Julia.

Pretty cool name.

Just wondering.

It seems three is the new two or something.

Some others who have three children ~
Heidi Klum
Kelly Ripa
Matt Lauer
Jerry Seinfeld
My Mom

Apparently, 'married people need to have a bit more than two kids per couple merely to replace the population' per Gruntled Center.

What's a 'bit more'? Three, four or more?

My neighbor is now pregnant with her third and I have many friends with three (though several didn’t exactly mean to have three) and they all seem quite thrilled.

Makes me wonder. I’m always behind the 8 ball. Apparently I'm not doing my part for the population to remain constant.

I always thought ONE was the best number and decided to ‘expand’ my mind/horizon to TWO. Plus, wouldn't you have to buy a minivan if you have three?

So, I won’t be joining the three club myself.

Only because I don't want a minivan.

Oh, and if I did have a third, my husband might be a bit perturbed....he's been ‘fixed’.

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If you had three little squirts, then one of two possibilities would exist:

1) You'd have an older boy, and younger boy, and a tortured sister in the middle.
2) Alec would be tortured by two younger sisters.

Since sibling torture is the worst form of evil, having two squirts, one boy and one girl, is a perfect balance.


How could I improve upon Erik's poetic prose?

And being the 4th quirt, & only girl, I recall the torture. No no - this is best.

You know - some coutries advertise the Porsche 911 as a family car, since there are 2 very tiny seats in the back. I'm just sayin' - with THREE kids, it wouldn't be practical. So there you go.


Wow. Didn't know I was part of the "in" crowd. Count me among the married, educated with 3 and a minivan! And, as you know, our third was an oops! Oh well, life is interesting.

Do you really think that someone who came up with Phinneas and Hazel the first time around would settle for Julia the second time? I think not.


Three??? Right...I can't seem to live with ONE other person, not to mention three small ones AND a husband. A person could probably handle all that if there was a live-in nanny/maid in the mix. But then that'd be FIVE people living in my house. Nope...can't even entertain such a thought. Glad you gals are doing your part to stoke the population!


Wow, I don't know quite what to say. If not for 3 I wouldn't be here & that would be a shame. Otherwise, I don't have room to talk since I only had one & glad of that since I couldn't imagine trying to satify anymore than that throughout my lifetime. And please no minivan, it just isn't cool.


I'm currently preggers with #2 which was by accident I assure you. I was a one person and still believe to be but must change my mind set before #2 arrives. Although this pregnancy is only my second, this is hubby's 4th kid. So what does that make us with step-kids involved? I know one thing, me and hubby are getting fixed after this.


Why a minivan? A sedan will hold five people, and be more economical, more ecological, more ethical.
Also, you should have three children if, and only if, you want to have them. Not to "keep the population constant". You no doubt know that the population is growing exponentially fast, and that there is no room for this population growth on earth.


one out of three - uh...the post was intended to be facsitious.


Three seems to be too much for me as I have just one at the moment. Most of my friends are on two now.I am also planning to join the group soon, so that my son gets company.

BTW Brangelina is 4 now, with the new boy "Pax Thien Jolie" added to their family :)


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