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Dec. 27, 2006

Are You From Austin?

I need help.

Are you from Austin Texas?

Have you lived there before?

Do you know anyone who's lived there or currently does?

We think we want to live there.

As previously noted during our threat to move to Arizona we want to move. Now.

Actually not now, back in January of 2006 when we first decided.

My husband and I, the research geeks that we are, took on-line quizes, geographical tests and did our homework via library books on 'area compatibility' in order to determine that Austin is the place we are suppose to live.

In said tests, we demanded low crime and good weather, the first two important factors of our priority list. Austin came up #1 for each of us, individually.

O.k. We'll move to Austin. Check.

So, I've looked on-line at the houses for sale and found we can do pretty darned well v. the ridiculous prices of real estate in Seattle.

I would love more detailed information from 'those in the know' however.

Can you help?

Please advise if you are Austin knowledge worthy via my 'Contact' page.
Thanks and yee haw..or something like that. (Do you they say that in Austin or will I get my ass kicked?)

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If you go, even though I don't see you very much, you will be missed.


Hi, Kristine,
All I know about Austin is that someone told me it is a lovely place. Don't know if that helps but it seems to me that anyplace would be better than the Phoenix area! Keep me posted on what you decide. Kristi says there are nice places in Phoenix too but she's partial to AZ.


Hi Kristine! I've never been to Texas, but my next door neighbors are from there. If you'd like first hand experience of the state, I'd be glad to give you their number. They are the nicest, down-to-earth people I've ever met. Within a couple weeks of knowing them, they became our family and we became theirs. I hope you will be able to find more people like them when you move down there. Let me know if you'd like to talk to them. -Kerri


I think Beth Seguin is from there, Cyndi can get you in touch with her. You will be missed!


My friend, Alison, is a flight attendent and commutes to Dallas...she has friends who live in Austin and love it. I think if you look at some of those 'best places to live' sites, they do have testimonials from people who live in the cities you're considering. From what I've read, they are pretty honest and candid opinions!


We currently live in Austin. We moved back last year after a terrible 3 year stay in Arkansas. I was born and raised in Austin so I can give you lots of advise. We also bought a house last year so I know all of the neighborhoods pretty well. It is the BEST place to live. We have everything and the people are super friendly. E-mail me and tell me what you need to know and I will give you my advise on locations and places to see.


Ah. So, that's why you are going to Austin this month. I thought it was an odd vacation. I haven't lived there since 1995, but I'll just say that as long as you stay within the city limits, life is good. Go outside of the area, and all bets are off. You'll never know until you try it.


JVP - yeah, well one can dream (of sun). Getting CW on board is another story. My mom is for sure there which is another reason it sounds inviting.


I just moved to Seattle from Austin and was EXTREMELY sad to leave. Austin is a WONDERFUL place to live and is very family friendly. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at




I will e-mail you! Thanks.


We've lived here for 6 years and as someone mentioned, some of the nicest people you would ever want to meet.

I'm from Nebraska originally and my wife is from Ohio and we like to think it is both of those places with much better weather, music, and bbq.

One tip: be careful on the size of your house as property taxes can be painful AND you it's an indoor/outdoor community (e.g. you can make up for a smaller house with a great backyard et al).

Good luck and email if you want more info.


One other thing...sorry...I lived in Phoenix for 15 years (79-91 and 97-00). It COMPLETELY depends on what you like but I loved it in my 20's and hated it by the time I left. My wife would move back in a second. Go figure.

To me, it's the worse case of urban sprawl, poor air quality in the winter and skin cancer 101.

To her (she live there from 97-00 with me) it was great freeways (yes, finally), shopping (yes) and great people (yes, but you won't meet them in your neighborhood unless you happen across them in the front yard (e.g. 6 foot privacy fence hell and little/no backyards).

We overbuilt here in Tejas (back to the tax issue) and we're working on downsizing.

Just my 2 more cents...


Hi there,
I live in a small town about 30 miles outside of Austin. It is a great place to live. The city is big enough that you can get Everything you need, want or desire. But I love that it is not so large that it takes three hours to get from the north end to the south end, as it does in Houston where I'm from. The weather is great here. It feels like Spring most of the year; the summer does get hot but it is not too humid, again compared to Houston. Anyway, i think it's a great place to raise a family and it's a great real estate market. I find there are a lot of new non-Texans moving to the area. I bought a house here a year ago and have never looked back, I love it! Email me if you have any questions.


Just saw this posting looking for something else but had to add my comments---hope it isnt too late. My grandparents moved to Austin in 1922 albeit from only 80 miles away, but left a small farming community and came to the big city. I was born in SoCal as an airforce baby, but my family came back to Austin in 1964. I lived in SoCal after college but couldn't take the crowds and lack of seasons so came back to 1983 Austin even though there were no jobs in my field. HOWEVER, that was a different Austin, little traffic, cheap rent, clear clean springs to swim in and a place you could leave your doors unlocked at night. Everything changed when the high tech companies brought big city life: high salaries for some people along with bad traffic, expensive housing and rude rich people. If you've lived in another crowded place that has high housing costs and bad traffic (worse than LA) you might like it here. AND, the temps are horrible in the summer July-early October. Stretches of days 40+ in a row above 100 degrees and it doesn't cool below 80 at night. There is also this thing called cedar fever in Dec-early Feb. Because we are in a sub tropic horticultural zone, we have plants/trees that pollenate in the winter. Cedar trees "smoke" with pollen and people with allergies dread this time of year. Add to the above, a completely inept city government that is wholly owned by the real estate development community and has obliterated the sense of commun ity in urban neighborhoods by allowing high rises in single family areas, well, as you can tell, I am disappointed in Austin's changes. I'd hoped to stay here until 2022 so I could say my family lived in the same neighborhood for 100 years, but I doubt we'll make it. It used to be that Austin was a culturally interesting town in the vast desert of Texas and now much of Austin is like Dallas or Houston or any other place with lots of strip centers and chain stores. Finally, if you have kids, the schools are very badly rated and are constantly being reorged to try and improve them. Good luck.


James and Norma,

Thanks for the info. We love it so far here.


"almost 100 years...." - wow, I appreciate the other side views. I've received all positive reviews before and wondered why everyone doesn't live here. Now I know! I guess it does depend on what you're used to. I was certainly happy with the housing prices here as though not as low as I thought they'd be, better than Seattle where the prices are crazy.

I have heard of Cedar Fever and am not looking forward to that (hopefully we won't).

Thanks for your comments!


I'm piggybacking...since you're already there I want to ask you ~ what is the best school district? I am considering an interview there, but it will hinge on my little girl's future more than mine. I need to find a really good school district. She'll be in the first grade. Do you have any advice for me or others who find your sight by surfing the Austin School District topic? Thanks!


Sure Mike, The property taxes are super high here and mainly due to the schools. Therefore, you want to ensure you are in one of the best. I'm told the top three in order are:

Lake Travis

We're in the family-friendly Steiner Ranch area which lies in the Leander School district.

The Austin district is apparently not good (I'm told).

Hope that helps!



Just happened on this discussion. We live in Leander, lived in Austin for over 20 years, and are looking to move back to Austin. The school taxes in the Leander ISD are hideous, very high. The schools are good, I guess. But we don't have kids, and resent having to pay so much here. They are twice what they would be in Austin, BTW.

The house prices are high in Austin, but the traffic is almost as bad out here now (former rural area now filling up with thousands of McMansions) as it was in town. We're just tired of having to pay waaaay more just to live "in the country".

bobbi c.


Bobbi - I'm still stunned by the high taxes and fast drivers! Thanks for your comment.


I live in Austin and am a mother of twins. I moved here from NYC, where I've lived all my life. If anyone can answer your questions, it's me. Just fire away...


I stumbled on your site a couple years ago when I started considering a move from the San Francisco Bay Area to Austin. Now we are more strongly considering that move, and your certainty about Austin has made me even more curious. Do you still have the URLs for the online area-compatibility tests you used? I've been looking for some and the ones I've found are so ad-heavy they seem useless.

Thanks! Your comments about your move and your new city have been so helpful!

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