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Nov. 15, 2006

Writing Reviews

This Is A Paid Review (I'm so not kidding!)

I’ve written several 'Lucky Mom reviews' for books I’ve read or products I've used for which I had an opinion and shared it here on my site. Like, Lunch Lessons , Three Baby Products I Love and Dial Up Baby Monitor (wtf?) among others.

Sadly, I’ve never been paid.

Until now. O.k. I can’t really call it being paid as it’s barely more than enough to get a few lattes at Starbucks but I’m going to do it anyhow. I hope you’ll bear with me on this as it’s actually a pretty interesting concept if it works out for them.

Them being

ReviewMe is a website/service where a blogger can write reviews on their own sites and be paid by advertisers.

Now, this would be of no interest to me if I was advised that in order to write a review and be paid, I would have to say only nice things.

I would rather cough up the coffee dough myself than say nice things about something I don’t like.

For example: Book Review: "I Hate Other People's Kids": Cute title, not so good read.

Right? Right.

But this ReviewMe gig says you just have to review and write. Good or bad.

So, I’m going to give this a try. We’ll see if any advertisers actually choose my site for product/service review.

If I am selected, I promise I won’t write boring, dumb stuff about uninteresting or unrelated-to-my-site’s-target-audience, products and/or services.

Well, unless they pay me a crap load of money and then I might have to slip one in. Have mercy on me, I’m a new mommy again.

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Go for it, Kristine. I sense there's a writer in you who is begging to be let out! You have such a good sense of humor (and honesty) - I love reading your stuff. Think of all the "writers" in the Olson family. You're the only one so far who is any good! So, go girl and have fun.


Good luck in this, and enjoy the ride.


Have great fun with this!


Good plan... why not? I love reading your stuff anyway.

btw- I like the term "coffee dough"... although I can't imagine coughing it up.



Let's hope I actually get some folks that care what the h_LL I think about their products.


I enjoy reading your stuff & I don't have any small children at home. It's just good reading. A