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Nov. 4, 2006

Political Ads – Make it Stop

As I’ve been a bit house bound lately with a small human attached to me (literally), I’ve had my face directed at ‘the box’ for which I have exactly 5 channels. (Don’t try to make sense of it, we’re freaks without cable…talk to my British husband who thinks there are too many TV’s in America. Not sure I agree but fine, gotta pick your battles).

I’m here today to ask the candidates for public office to stop making me watch their ads. I cannot always grab the remote to change channels and when I do, I change it to another channel with more ads that just won’t stop.

It’s not even just the ridiculous negative ads, it's all of them. What these candidates say is about as reliable as the headlines of STAR or InTouch magazine. (Well, I do like those so ignore the inconsistency of my beef here).

They must be effective or they wouldn’t inundate us right? At least they better be.

I feel my blood pressure rising when I have to see these people yapping during my ‘free’ time. I get so frustrated that I don’t think I’ll even vote.

I know it’s our ‘civic duty’ to vote as Americans and many would argue that it’s a privilege (and rightfully so) but how can I do this when I cannot stand any of them just based on their stupid TV ads?

O.k. I doubt they’re going to read this and immediately cease but I guess what I want to know is, are there people out there who actually enjoy these?

Do people vote based on what the candidates say in their TV ads?

Maybe I’m missing it (beyond the obvious name recognition they are generating) and need someone to enlighten me. If not, I highly doubt I will vote in this election which again, I know is wrong.

I don’t know what the answer is for me. Maybe just sneak cable into our house or stick my head in the sand until voting day comes and goes.

Problem is, these people and ads will just keep coming back, like the weeds in my yard. Sigh..

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I agree! I cannot wait until voting day and we can get back to normal television! I hate all of the name bashing and the he said she saids! It makes me nuts! I love to excercise my right to vote every election, however, these advertisments are really starting to turn me off! I just read my little voting pamplet and keep my nose to the grinder and try as I may to not listen to all of the CRAP on the teli! I agree with everything you say.....STOP THE INSANITY PEOPLE!


Keep voting, Kristine! We've got to get these bums out of office! (You know the ones I mean, I'm sure!)


Kristine for Prez!


Thankfully, I have the luxery of not being couped up in front of the "box" all day. I can't stand any ads, not just the political ones. Yeah, just more people I have no clue about.