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Nov. 12, 2006

Bumper Bonnet Backlash

Wow, I wrote a Lucky Mom ‘product review’ awhile back on the Bumper Bonnet.

I thought it would be fun to share with you some content regarding the hate mail I received.

“…..I have a Down’s Syndrome child. Very rude to knock a product your kid don’t need…”

“Have you ever considered a child with neurological problems…?”

“What if YOUR child had special needs…?”

Apparently, there are a few folks out there who:

A. Sell Bumper Bonnets

B. Love this product because they are more safety neurotic than me

C. Have special needs children and who think people find it funny to rip on products for them.

D. All of the above

Anyone who thinks any sane human (especially another parent) would joke about special needs children is well, twisted.

My review was for a product appearing to target the psychotic safety parent -I can say that as I’m one of them - (or possibly parents who are prone to buying every stupid product advertised under the assumption that if it's made for children you have to have it to be a good parent), and not a child with Down’s Syndrome or any other neurological/developmental disorder.

THAT would not be funny.

I assume that there are special helmets designed for children who need them due to neurological or other medical need. IF this stupid hat was endorsed by doctors, WOULDN’T THEY USE THAT IN THEIR ADVERTISING?

I bet they’d get a lot more sales that way.

Here’s the exact wording of the product’s description:

Learning to crawl? Starting to walk? When baby is accident prone, the Bumper Bonnet prevents bumps, bruises, and tears. The soft, thickly-padded head covering acts as a protective cushion, shielding that delicate little head. Lightweight, with an adjustable chinstrap. Machine wash. One size fits babies 6-36 months. Imported. Colors may vary.

This in MY opinion is just another marketing scam to scare parents into thinking they’re not good parents if they don’t buy this stupid product.

Or maybe I'm just jealous I didn't think of it first as they appear to actually be selling some.

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Let's just takes all types.....and you can't make everyone happy. This is a Blog website, people will take the information for what they want, judge what they want and have their own opinion. Isn't that the beauty of these types of websites? Don't get so "upity" people for goodness sake we would never joke about any child with any physical or mental incapacities. This is simply a Blog. And whether or not they agree, you have to take note that the way the product is adverised it does make you get creative with it's possible uses. So There!

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