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Oct. 28, 2006

She Hates Us - Why?

Julia hates us. At least that is what my husband keeps mumbling repeatedly at 3:00am each morning. I said she only kind of dislikes us, HATE is a strong word.

I ALMOST wrote a post the first few days after bringing Julia home from the hospital. I was going to brag endlessly about how ‘we got another sleeper’! Julia had slept 6 straight hours a couple of nights and I thought we were home free.

Then she went to 4 hours and I still thought we were doing well.

That post never got written as I became too friggin’ tired due to complete sleep deprivation.

We never had to learn any fancy techniques with Alec as he loved to sleep from day one.

So, Sleep-Deprived Mom, formally known as Lucky Mom (o.k., also formally known as Cocky, 8-9-hour-of-sleep-a-night-mom. I’ve-got-a-sleeper-and-you-don’t-too bad-not-my-fault-mom') needs help/advice/hard drugs/whatever necessary.

I’ll even eat crow if required to obtain workable advice.


  1. Why doesn’t the baby sleep 12 hrs a night yet?
  2. How does this bloody swaddling blanket work and why do the baby’s arms bust out so quickly causing the straight-jacket administrator to spout out obscenities? Not me of course.
  3. Why does the act of boob to mouth cause a baby to sleep instantaneously UNLESS it’s night time for which if it is, complete alertness immediately ensues?
  4. Can a baby sense a parent’s sleep deprivation/frustration/violent anger toward said baby unit (kidding…)?
  5. Why does the baby think day-time sleep rocks and want to party at night? (pretty much the same as question #3)
  6. Why was Alec a Sleep Freak of Nature and Julia is not? (Sucks).
  7. Is it wrong to call your new sweet baby girl a beeotch (when she’s not listening of course)? If so, why?

Any answers to the above questions would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

I'm going to go have a 3 minute nap now.

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Ok, first the best advice I was given when Jackson didn't sleep well: Don't expect any kind of sleep pattern (i.e. length of time) to emerge until he is 1. That seems like a long time, I know, but it did help. And he started sleeping at length around 8 months. Right after I began crying publically from sleep-deprivation. Now to Answer question #2. Swaddling blankets are for whimps. Julia is a fighter, encourage her in her quest for the title!


Maybe little J is a vampire. Adapt by sleeping during the day and teaching her to hunt fresh prey at night. It's just good clean halloween fun.

That's my advice and I'm sticking to it.


I'm with the vampire theory! Halloween is right around the corner.

Best advice ever.... sleep or at least lay down on the couch, every time she does during the day. Even if you have company! Also, just know your body will begin to adjust to the sleep deprivation - It's an amazing thing. Remember to pamper yourself and don't try and keep your perfect routine...Going from one child to two children is supposed to be the hardest adjustment ever - so don't stress the mess. It will be a good year before your awesomeness is back in order. I remember that feeling of Zombie Mom during the day when Lindsay was first born and Nick was 3. Hang in - you will make it and be your awesome self again. Think of it as a vacation!!!


The only great advice I got, was to do whatever it takes to keep her awake during the day. Bath after bath works. After a day or two of this, she should konk out at night from her own sleep deprivation and get on a good schedule. Good luck.


Can you give her back to the hospital? If not, I have a great basket you can leave her in on a neighbor's doorstep...then at least you can visit...after YOU sleep! Yeah, I know...I'm a ton of help :)


I remember those days-sorta. I was so sleepy that I was actually thought I might wind up putting the bottle in the bassinet and the baby in the fridge.(Premie, couldn't digest breast milk, don't start on me).
A (childless) friend told me how wonderful it all must be, and she was quite taken by the unconscious aura of primeval Mother...
"That's not mysticism, it's sleep depravation, you fool," I snarled in my best Dawn of the Dead impression.
Hang in there. It WILL get better, though I can't remember exactly when that happened as I slept right through it. And you'll now know how to sleep through ANYTHING (family visits, presidential motorcades, zombie attacks, teenage angst, church services,). Good luck. :)zzzzzz


I swear to God it's the Girl thing! I too was blessed with two happy little BOY sleepers. (My mother says that my children were not normal, most children don't sleep well for at least the first 6 months! Six Months! What! I said...thank goodness my my wonderful little sleepers!) I guess you can say WE WERE lucky. Maybe the "LUCK" ran out? Now, as for the girl thing. I swear every friend I have who had a little Girl has had difficulty with their sleeping. Just be thankful she isn't (at least not yet!), like my girlfriend who's daughter is 7 and she still doesn't sleep on a normal routine, she goes to bed around 1am and wakes around 6-7am. Oh, and did I say, she still sleeps with Mom? Dad gave up and sleeps on the couch! Count your blessings. What is a few weeks right? You and Hubby will have her turned around in no time! Even though she is a little Beeotch sometimes, she is still one of the prettiest babies I've seen! Best of luck to you for a great night sleep!

PS. As for the Baby Basket can drop her by my house...I would be done then no more trying to get knocked up and you're asking "are you knocked up yet?" Just a thought, it would solve two problems! HA!


Try letting her sleep in her car seat.
My little girl slept the first 6-8 weeks there as it was the only way we could get more than an hour or so at a time. She's 6 months old now, so the memory is still somewhat fresh. One of my friends has a 3 month old that still sleeps in the car seat.

As for swaddling, both of my kids (boy and girl) were swaddled until they were about 5 months old. I wouldn't swaddle them until they were already asleep (I know, it's risky). Make sure the blanket you have is big enough so that both "ends" are tucked up under them. And I would do it TIGHT. I liked using a fleece blanket that was a little stretchy. I hated when hubby would swaddle because he was so worried about squishing her that it was never tight enough and I would be the one getting up to pop a boob in her mouth.

Learn to nurse while lying down. It took me MONTHS to figure this out, but when I did it was like heaven. Of course, you can't have big puffy blankets and you need a firm mattress -- you know the rules.

It isn't a girl thing. My daughter is a much better sleeper than my son ever was. It will get better!


Christy - I won't be alive if this takes a year. Or, I'll be broke as I'll be hiring some night-time baby nurse or something. No swaddling blankets? eye!


Wendy H. are you drunk? Vacation?


Kerri - definitely trying this out! She'll be as dry as a raisin but hopefully we'll get sleep!


Lucky non-Mom - that's a decent suggestion. The hospital handed her to me, I can return right? Customer is always right I say!


Single Mom and Kim - thanks for your suggestions!

I haven't tried the car seat yet. I do nurse lying down though the baby unit still wakes up (or at least makes soothing GRUNTING noises like an animal every friggn 2 seconds causing me to never actually GET sleep) constantly.

Oh buoy~



I do have a nice basket you might like, oh and the baby will just happen to be in it. You'll take good care of her right? I'll be back in 3-4 months to pick her up.


I'm going with Erik's vampire thing. I only had one child cuz I knew the 2nd would be Hell on Wheels. Anna


Such a helpful blog…wow !!!!


Return on dude, these facts* and proof* i mean who is posting* lol :P

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