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Oct. 10, 2006

Julia Frances Watson

Right on schedule, (oh, the OB’s of course), I had a c-section last Wed. to welcome baby Julia Frances Watson into the family. Surgery went better than I had expected (how could it not due to the last one being quite the debacle?) and I made it out alive (I was betting 60/40 against myself).

I had my attentive husband and girlfriend with me to wrestle with the anesthesiologist if needed support me which was a godsend.

They successfully kept me distracted while my inquisitive girlfriend discreetly watched the whole surgery, thankfully saving me the details until I asked later, under full narcotic haze. She even donned surgical gloves in order to touch the placenta WITHOUT me even noticing. Not sure why, but I was amazed she pulled it off.

And don't let me forget to give credit to my sweet hubby. He didn't take his eyes off me, tears shed as he heard Julia's first cry. (I think he was just afraid if he looked away from me he might see something he didn't want to - like pretty much everything else going on in the O.R.)

So, it all went well and Julia is a beautiful, healthy girl who I swear has Shiloh lips! (come on you people, don’t pretend you don’t know who Shiloh is). Problem is, no one has offered me bank to get Julia’s photos.

Weight Loss

One thing that I found a bit disconcerting is the amount of weight loss resulting from the birth.

Let’s do a little math:

Pregnancy weight gain prior to surgery: 18 lbs


Julia: 6lbs. 13 oz.
Placenta: 1.5 lbs
Amniotic fluid: 2 lbs.
Cord and other misc. blood lost: 5 lbs.

Total: 15+.

THEREFORE, expected weight loss post-surgery: 15+ lbs. Right? WRONG

Weight loss post surgery: 0
Net weight loss: 0
Yep, I lost exactly NO weight. WTF?

So, that’s weird. Guess it will ‘fall off’ in some other way. Right.

Nipple Confusion Rocks

O.k. so I don’t know who sponsored the ‘nipple confusion scam’, but in the short amount of time Julia has been ‘on the outside’ she has been purposely inundated with a multitude of nipple choices.

Boob, Dr. Brown’s bottles, Avent bottles, Playtex bottles and a variety of different shaped pacifiers. Result? Confusion to the point that she’ll take ANYTHING.

Yep, I can swap her from bottle to breast and back again like a ping pong ball across the table. She’s so ‘confused’ she’s up for anything.

So, as a result, I’ve decided to coin the term “Nipple Variety”. I guess it could also be called “Nipple Flexibility”.

This is the way to go. No confusion, no getting used to something new; it’s all new and she’s already used to all of them.

So, in summary, all is well in the Watson household. We’ve decided to keep Julia. Alec says he’s cool with it.

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Yay!!!!! She's absolutely gorgeous!!! Congrats!


Congratulations!!! she is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Can not wait to meet her in person. Tell Alec hello for me and hope to see you all soon.
Take care


Here I am blogging away while you're HAVING A BABY! Congratulations! Gosh I wasn't half so producive this week . . .

And thanks for your comment/visit, sure you can use the idea, it's been remarkably popular. Just visit again some time.


Congrats. What a perfect head or & lips!! Where is the Red Hair? I really wanted her to have red hair!! She is beautiful.


Awww...what a photo! She is so adorable! I'm sure the calls will be coming in soon for those photo shoots. Can't wait to meet her.


She's lovely, and you haven't lost your sense of humor... way to go!Keep up the great work mama, and get some sleep!


Oh so pretty...little Julia! Congrats to you all! Glad to see everything went well. Can't wait to meet her!


She is so beautiful!! Congratulations!!!!


Who is Shiloh? And does she get the feature from Mom or Dad?

Confused But So Happy For You


Congratulations! She is beautiful. I'm glad to hear that all went well!!


Congratulationsd! We have been looking forward to hearing news, and knew you wouldn't disappoint - but who expected a PICTURE too! Tell Erik he needs to read a magazine once in a while to know who Shiloh is! Much cuter, and just think - Julia's parents aren't lunatics! All the best!


I guess I should clarify my "lunatics" comment....

Angelina will always be a "lunatic" to me, given her past adventures - starting to be charitable to people in other countries doesn't make you sane. And Brad? The second you hopped on that train, you picked up the label too - sorry bud!


Congratulations! Your baby is beautiful. Tell your mom I miss her a lot!