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Sep. 12, 2006

Reality Shows - I Need Guilty Pleasure!

I’ve been a bit preoccupied this past week or so with getting my son to preschool, packing the perfect lunch and driving the teachers nuts with my questions.

I finally realized what was missing in MY life. Reality shows! Only certain ones of course but still. I have an empty space in my soul right now. Sad, but true.

I’ve been reading too many books which has made me a bit…boring. I just finished:

A Million Little Piecesby James Frey (Wow, to be an addict. How tiring!)

Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner (pretty good read!)

Never Leave Meby John Glatt (true crime about Jonathan Nyce killing his mail order bride) any true crime book is fascinating to me no matter how badly or well written.

Lunch Lessons by Ann Cooper and Lisa M. Holmes (I’ll definitely be writing a separate entry for this one soon! Sure to piss off some!)

I’m also partially through:

Good in Bed - by Jennifer Weiner (so far okay)

My Friend Leonardby James Frey (and I swore I wouldn’t read another one of his dark side of life stories. I got heart palpatations reading the other one)

I’m really starting to get a hankering for my shows. I want guilty pleasure!

It seems like forever since Survivor, The Apprentice, The Biggest Loser, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and the Super Nanny were on.

Maybe I’ll have some more fun stuff to discuss when they start again.

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Funny I should receive this while I wrap up the Big Brother All-Stars season, watch the end of Rock Star Supernova, and look eagerly forward to Survivor-Racism...I mean, Cook Islands. Oh yeah, isn't Amazing Race starting this Sunday? It might conflict with Flavor of Love Part 2, I may have to invest in Tivo. Yeah, you'll have some interesting things to discuss then. Call me if you want to watch a show together... (-:


Oh yeah baby! I love good reality TV shows too. The finale of Big Brother was good, glad to see Boogie won with the help of his "Puppetmaster" Will. I am really excited to see the finale of Rockstar Supernova. This show is awesome! I love it! I have to admit I too am looking forward to Survivor...a little hesitant but still intrigued. I love the "Survivor-Racism" comment. So true. Did you hear that Coke pulled out and so did Ford for the advertising? Some big guns weren't too excited about the format this year. However, I'm sure ratings will be through the roof since it has had so much hype around it. It should be very interesting. They needed something to pump it up, last season was boring. I didn't even watch 2 episodes. Too almost predictible. I think if this doesn't get the ratings we may see Survivor not "Survive" for next season. Borseville!


And not even ONE mention of Project Runway ... how could you?!!!!


Karla - I don't get cable!


What are these shows??? The only reality show I watch is 'Sex and the City!'


ljs - oh pleeezzze. Sex and the City isn't reality for crying out loud!