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Sep. 30, 2006

BEDREST? For Four Days?

After taking Alec to pre-school on Friday, I had quite the day; though not unlike most of my days since he started school. I went to Starbucks and got my Grande, 1/2 decaf, 1%, 2-pump, vanilla latte (I do live in Seattle ya know) and a pastry and planned out my day.

I'd go get my nails done, then jet up to the mall to do some last-minute shopping, couple of exchanges, have a nice sit-down lunch. Run a couple of errands, pop over to Target, go to the grocery store and then pick up Alec at 3:00pm. Maybe throw together a simple dinner for the fam.

So, that's what I did. And that's apparently what I WON'T be doing again for the next four days as I'm on BEDREST! Uh....huh. Okay....

After yesterdays activities I admit, I did have a bit of a racing heart and trouble catching my breath. (who doesn't?). O.k. yes, I also felt a bit sick around 4:00pm. Was it my leisurely lunch? Didn't eat spinach. Did eat Lobster Ravioli (hmmm...soo good).

Last night around 10:00pm. I started to think my racing heart was going for some trophy as it wouldn't stop. I had been lying down and it still seemed to want to compete with the hearts whose owners were running on the 'mill at the gym.

Making long story a little bit less long:

I woke up at 4:00am with heart still in full competition and was a bit concerned.

Later in the A.M. convinced husband to take Alec to the Children's museum so I could be alone and convince heart to slow. No luck at convincing heart of anything.

Called the hospital maternity center who insisted I come in right away. So I did.

I got a needle poked all the way through my vein (no blood for that try) which is already bruising quite nicely.

Chest x-ray, EKG, monitors, blood pressure the whole bit.

Baby is fine. I'm fine. Oh, except that I need to stay in bed until Wednesday's c-section.

I realize that's not far away but hey, we don't even have cable!

Obviously, we have a laptop. I think I'm going nuts already and it's only been four hours.

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Ugh! No fun at all! Maybe you could read some good books? Hang in there!!


Amelia - thanks gal! I HAVE been reading books and I'm getting bored of that too:


Hi hon!!! You LUCKY dog!! I wish someone would send me to bed - ha!! I know.... a bit (okay a lot) different experience when we have to. But, do try and relax and ring your bell. Honestly, come Wed. life will change and you will have Two demanding mommy's time. Love ya! D


Hang on in there, girl! It won't be long until Wednesday.


lol! Well at least the tv shows are back on!! Just a couple more days...


It's probably a girl. They usually give you more problems than boys.


Hi there. Sorry to hear about the bedrest - I'm sure you had your last few days pre c-section all planned out for those last errands. Try and rest as baby will appreciate it and good luck on Wednesday. We'll be thinking about all of you.

Cheers, Ingrid


I guess I'll leave a comment so you have something to read (no cable, bummer . . .) good luck and hang in there.

Oh, and I love your colors and site design.