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Sep. 26, 2006

Mom Gave Dope To Infant Daughter

I’m not easily shocked or even mildly surprised by pretty much anything. I’ve read one too many true crime books to know that people do odd things. Or in other words, unexplainable, uncomprehensible, weird sh*t.

However, this little bit of information didn’t so much shock me as appalled me, as a parent. A mother.

A ‘mother’ in Montana thought it was cool to get her 18 month old daughter to smoke dope. Thought it would give her a better appetite and cause her to be more ‘lethargic and mellow’.

She felt her daughter was getting the same experience she got when smoking it.

Cool. Because that is what all moms want for their daughter's - To get high.

That's certainly on the top of my parenting goals.

So, she passed her kid the pipe on several occasions until a friend reported her (thankfully), apparently upset by the activity.

Until? How many times did said friend need to see the stoned baby before realizing that something just didn't seem quite right. Maybe she (or he) just couldn't put his or her finger on exactly what the problem was. Good lord.

So, legally challenged mother was given a five year prison sentence for the conviction. She appealed (sure, why not?) and the 9th Circuit Court upheld the conviction but dropped her sentence to 2 years.

Any thoughts out there? Kind of remind you of the 'mother' that taped a pacifier to her baby's mouth and he died? (Any strategic mom knows the secret isn't taping but simply soaking in bourbon and GLUING it on. Didn't that gal take the parenting tricks class? )

Should mom be put away for passing the pipe? What about losing permanent custody of the child?

Is her sentence too strong of a punishment or not enough? (like I'm really asking these as questions)

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Mom was unfortunately VERY unaware, I'm sure, of the harmful effects that would have on the baby. It's all too common for people to think that "it's not that bad" to do stupid stuff like that. Keep in mind all the people that smoke and drink while they're pregnant and then the people that continue to smoke around their baby after he/she's born. I mean, to you and me, we're like "HELLOOOOOOO" idiot, don't you know what you're potentially doing to your kid??? Or do you even care???? But, the sad truth is, that these people actually don't believe that it's all that bad. And, until they get the harsh truth from a doctor telling them their kid has brain damage or a judge sentencing them to jail time, they just won't get it. I'm glad the friend reported that woman, if it weren't for him/her that baby could have been seriously affected, if he/she hasn't already. Too sad.


Working for the school dist. (Seattle) I saw my share of children. Some of which I wasn't quite sure what it was that made them a little odd. Well, come to find out, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Although these kids didn't look so different, their thought processes & their reasoning for having unacceptable behavior, was beyond me. No remorse for bad behavior, and these are 1st & 2nd graders. We all know what drugs & alcohol do to us, just imagine what it does to the unborn child.